Kenneth Cline allegedly crashed drunk in truck with STAYCLN license plate

A vanity license plate reading STAYCLN hints at several possible interpretations. A desire to keep the vehicle nice and shiny, perhaps, or maybe a suggestion to others to watch their language. But if Kenneth Cline also saw it as a sign to stay sober, he may have to reconsider following a crash-and-bash session on New Year's Eve.

The story comes to us from our friends at the Boulder Daily Camera. According to a police report cited by the paper, Cline was seen trying to buy booze at an area Liquor Mart on December 31.

Unusual? Hardly, especially considering the date -- and it was only 9 p.m. But the store reportedly turned down Cline's purchase, because he was already three sheets to the wind.

After this rejection, Cline is said to have hopped into a Chevy Silverado sporting that STAYCLN tag and taken off. Once underway, a witness said he let no portion of the immediate environment go to waste, weaving across multiple lanes, medians and sidewalks, and allegedly smacking into two cars.

Boulder Police officers caught up with Cline near the intersection of Folsom and Valmont and asked him to take a sobriety test. His response: "I can't pass them."

He should know: The Camera reports that he'd been arrested at least twice before for driving under the influence.

STAYCLN, dude. Here's a larger look at Cline's mug shot.

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