Kenneth Simpson is the great unknown in the mayor's race: Kenny Be's Speed Candidating

Ballots for the 2011 General Municipal Election are due on May 3, 2011. With one week left to vote and nine candidates running for Denver mayor, voters will need to keep a "cheat sheet" handy. My Speed Candidating profiles cut through the political rhetoric to reveal what is known. Today, we ponder the mystery of Kenneth R. Simpson... As seen above, the Speed Candidating profile for Kenneth Simpson condenses the essence of the man and his mayoral mission. This abbreviated version is best understood when read in a side-by-side comparison with Speed Candidating profiles of the other eight mayoral candidates.

Kenneth Simpson is the great unknown of the 2011 Denver mayor's race. What we do know is that he is a city of Denver employee who works at the 311 Help Center. In his Westword mayor's race profile, Simpson states that he purposefully took the job to learn about the city and how all of the departments work.

In his spare time, Simpson seems to prefer seeking knowledge over networking. While working his city of Denver day job, he spent his spare time earning a bachelor's degree in criminology and a Master's degree in public administration. Such a schedule leaves little time for fun or friends. Perhaps that explains why Simpson has no campaign website to share his vision for the city. The Facebook page for Ken SimpsonforDenvermayor is only half-heartedly updated, and half of the sixteen friends appear to be fellow employees of the Denver 311 Help Center.

There is only a week left until the mayoral campaign. Voters who want answers to their questions about the candidate named Kenneth Simpson will be reduced to calling the Denver 311 Help Center for details.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.