Kenny Be's Colorado Celebrity Holiday Greeting Cards

Ed.: This week's cover story is a cartoon by Kenny Be -- a cutting edge collection of Season's Greetings from Colorado's keenest celebrities.

From former U.S. Attorney nominee Stephanie Villafuerte ... .

Inside: Unfortunately, a needless political attack forced me to withdraw my greetings, even though I am confident that I would have served them well this holiday season. From Denver Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels ... Inside: Now, get the @#*$ out there and have a #@%*! Happy %*#@ Holiday! Josh McDaniels From Republican Gubernartorial Candidate Scott McInnis and The Grumppets (the Tea Party puppets) ... Inside: May a hand-picked lobbyist and Tea Party cheer be enough to beat back "HOPE" in the New Year! From Denver Nugget #5 J.R. Smith ... Inside: Better to spend 500 hours serving the community than to spend another minute in jail. Happy Kwanzaa. J.R. Smith From 9News Entertainment reporter Kirk Montgomery ... From The Gay & Lesbian Fund Founder Tim Gill ...
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Kenny Be
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