Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: The Yum Yum Tree Museatum Atrium

The city of Denver needs your R.F.P., A.S.A.P.! Requests for proposals are due tomorrow, September 4, 2009, for the restaurant concession in the McNichols building renovation plans at Civic Center...

My proposal is called the Yum Yum Tree, in honor of the city's first food-court-style restaurant. It will be a "Museatum," an eating museum featuring Denver's most famous diners of days gone by.

The interior would be restored to the look of the original Carnegie library. Instead of book stacks, the open atrium would be ringed by infamous eateries. Old desks and chairs from city offices could provide the appropriate historic atmosphere, as well as save on decor costs.

Memorable restaurants would include Round the Corner, Mary & Lou's, Mr. Steak, Muddy's Coffee House, City Spirit Cafe, Organ Grinder Pizza, House of Pies, Hummel's Delicatessen, Original Mexican Cafe, Denver Tea Room, Drumstick, Duffy's and The Scotchman.

Hmmm, have I forgotten any?

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Kenny Be
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