Kenny Be's Yard Arteology: Concrete evidence of intelligent life in Denver

The study of neighbors through their lawn ornaments...

Figure 50. City Park: Cementing the beliefs and ideals of society.

The yard art pictured in figure 50, is a testament to human ability and aspiration. Concrete is typically a material that is used to build sidewalks, interstate highways and building foundations, where it is poured into forms and sets up in twenty minutes or less. To use it for detailed sculpting requires the mold-making ability to visualize in reverse, and the impeccable planning skills to "complete" an artwork before the concrete is even poured. Such talent suggests a yard artist who can push elements beyond their natural inclinations and to give them new form. It is the yard-artistic equivalent of trying to change human behavior and evolution, which is further implied by the Day-Glo hand-lettered "Equal Rights for All Persons" sign hanging on the front door.

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