Kent Denver students under investigation for Vail sex assault

Integrity. Respect. Personal growth. Community. Wisdom. These words are front and center on the website home page of Kent Denver School, one of the most highly touted (and expensive) private educational institutions in Colorado. It's not the kind of place typically associated with crime -- yet three Kent students are reportedly the target of a sex assault investigation in Vail.

According to 9News, Vail police have confirmed that three Kent students are at the center of an investigation into an alleged sexual-assault incident that took place early on New Year's Day. Owing to the suspects' ages, their names have not been released, and the inquiry is not yet complete.

Kent provided the station with a statement about the matter: "We have been contacted about an active investigation of an event that apparently occurred over the winter holiday break in Vail. Kent Denver students may have been involved, but as this was over vacation, was not part of any Kent Denver School program, and includes minors, the school can not comment."

Here's the aforementioned 9News piece:

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