Kentucky's David Teagle Stars in the Dumbest Dukes of Hazzard Episode Ever

What if you were enjoying a beautiful Colorado day when, all of a sudden, a Dukes of Hazzard episode broke out?

That's what happened a few days back in southeastern Colorado as part of a case that involved stolen gas, a pawn shop, a high-speed chase and damaged law enforcement vehicles, allegedly courtesy of Kentucky's own David Teagle.

But there was one significant difference between "classic TV" and real life: The law enforcers weren't left fruitlessly yelling and waving their hats as a grinning Teagle disappeared.

Instead, they wound up having the laugh last — and Kentucky's David Teagle wound up in stir.

At around 12 p.m. on January 30, according to the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office, deputies were informed of a black Nissan SUV with Tennessee plates that was driving recklessly on the 8000 block of Grand Avenue in the modest community of Beulah.

Shortly thereafter, another complaint came down: The driver of the same vehicle was suspected of a gas drive-off at the Beulah General Store.

Deputies reacted by reaching out to the Colorado State Patrol to let troopers know to keep an eye out for the ride, possibly heading eastbound on Highway 78 toward Pueblo.

And lo and behold, the vehicle was spotted near a pawn shop on Northern Avenue in Pueblo.

The CSP called the sheriff's office about the find, and deputies were dispatched. But when they attempted to contact the SUV's occupants, the driver, later ID'd as Teagle, is said to have backed into the sheriff's office cruiser and zoomed off.

Teagle, who was accompanied by an eighteen-year-old male and a 37-year-old female, managed to lose his pursuers in traffic, but only temporarily.

An off-duty deputy subsequently spotted the Nissan driving north on Pueblo Boulevard, and detectives were soon back on Teagle's tail — at least until he allegedly hit their car and split again.

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Another chase ensued, but it was called off for public-safety reasons; Teagle and company hit speeds estimated at 115 miles per hour. Instead, the CSP set up a trap on U.S. Highway 50 between mile markers 231 and 233; one cruiser stopped in front of Teagle's vehicle, while another took a position to the rear to cut off the escape route.

At that point, Teagle was busted and his passengers were detained.

Last we heard, final charges were pending further investigation.

The reason? PCSO reps think Teagle and company "may be persons of interest in recent criminal activity in the Beulah area." If you have any information about that, you're encouraged to contact the sheriff's office at 719-583- 6250 or Crimestoppers at 719-543-STOP.

Luke and Duke would be proud. Here's a larger look at Teagle's booking photo.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.