Kenyon Martin on Twitter: Haters should catch full-blown AIDS and die

Kenyon Martin didn't receive a contract extension offer from the Denver Nuggets, prompting him to sign to a Chinese squad amid the ongoing NBA lockout.

Which means no one from the Nugs must force K-Mart to offer a heartfelt apology for a Twitter tirade yesterday in which he hoped for all of Hater Nation to contract AIDS.

Here's the tweet in question:

All Haters should catch full blown Aids and Die! Do the world a favor!and rid us of you all!
Martin generated plenty of good will during his seven years in Denver, and when he was healthy -- which wasn't often enough, unfortunately -- he played hard and well. But given this eruption of bile, I can't say I'll be shedding any tears not to see him in powder-blue unis this season.

If there is a this season, that is.

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