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Kevin Alexander: Charges dropped against Broncos linebacker who was cut after arrest

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Although Kevin Alexander probably won't get a second chance with the Denver Broncos, it looks like he'll have his freedom. The rookie linebacker Alexander was cut by the team almost immediately after being arrested on an assault-and-battery accusation in December. The Broncos said his ouster was unrelated to the bust (yeah, sure). But now, charges against him have been dropped.

Why? According to 7News, the woman he was accused of hitting -- who hadn't wanted to cooperate with Aurora cops from the jump -- "moved to South Carolina and failed to show up for Alexander's trial Thursday morning."

Granted, other Broncos who've gotten in trouble haven't been jettisoned. Think of Perrish Cox, arrested on a sex-assault charge in Lone Tree less than two weeks before Alexander's brush with the law. Cox actually played in the next game.

Alexander, though, hadn't been seeing that much playing time, making him more easily expendable. And given that Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisburger was hit with a multi-game suspension even though he was never charged in relation to a suspected rape last March, new coach John Fox has no incentive to bring Alexander aboard again.

Look below to see a larger version of Alexander's booking photo and the original December 20 release from the Aurora Police Department:

Police Investigate Domestic Violence Allegation

Aurora, Colo. -- Shortly before 10 a.m. this morning, patrol officers responded to an apartment complex in the 16100 block of E. Easter Circle on a report of a domestic violence incident involving a man and his girlfriend.

Officers arrived and spoke with a woman who reported that she had been assaulted the night before by her boyfriend.

During the course of investigation, officers developed probable cause to arrest Kevin Kirk Alexander, 23, of Aurora for investigation of misdemeanor assault and battery.

Kevin Alexander was taken into custody shortly before noon today and transported to the Aurora Detention Center. He was issued criminal summons #J124869. After posting bond in the amount of $2,000, he was released.

A court date of December 21, 2010, has been set for this matter.

City of Aurora -- Criminal Offenses

Sec. 94-36 -- Assault: An assault is an attempt coupled with a present ability to commit a battery, as defined in section 94-37, upon the person of another, and it shall be unlawful for any person to commit an assault in the city.

Sec. 94-37 -- Battery: Battery is the knowing or reckless use of force or violence upon the person of another. Every battery shall be deemed to include a violation of assault, as defined in section 94-36. It shall be unlawful to commit a battery in the city. It shall be an affirmative defense to the charge of battery that the use of force or violence was privileged.

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