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Khamis Horn busted, bitten by police dog after trash bags of weed stolen from dispensary

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A few weeks ago, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey spoke out about violence in the medical marijuana industry; see his office's list of twelve deaths associated with MMJ.

Fortunately, no one died in an armed robbery at a Denver dispensary late last month. But Morrissey and company have charged three people in relation to the crime, including Khamis Horn, who was bitten by a police dog while being captured -- and an investigation continues into possible involvement of a fourth.

A probable cause statement in the name of Horn and an arrest affidavit for Christopher Bletson, who has yet to be formally accused, are on view below in their entirety. They list the targeted dispensary's address as 4401 Zenobia Street, home of a 420 Wellness branch.

The 420 Wellness website lists three locations -- the one on Zenobia, plus sister stores on Bryant Street and South Federal Boulevard. But faithful readers of Westword medical marijuana critic William Breathes will likely recall his visit to a previous 420 Wellness outlet at 2748 West Alameda Avenue shortly after the operation scored a second place finish at the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. Breathes's experience was memorable for a different reason: Some butane hash he purchased there exploded in flame.

As for the robbery, it took place on August 22, with cops responding while it was still in progress. According to a staffer at the scene, three black males packing guns entered the dispensary and demanded "Weed" -- that's a direct quote from the report.

After collecting several trash bags full of cannabis, the trio fled in a silver or tan SUV with a temporary license plate -- and a detective spotted a vehicle matching this description in the vicinity of I-70 and York minutes after the robbery. A short pursuit followed, after which officers busted James Hughes, thirty, and Lynn Shangreaux, 28.

Witnesses subsequently identified Hughes as one of the robbers and Shangreaux as driver of the getaway car. She later denied having any involvement in the stick-up but ID'd one of Hughes's cohorts as Horn, whose own journey to a cell was a painful one. The probable cause statement notes that he was cuffed after being bitten by a police dog, with the injury apparently being serious enough that he was transported to Denver Health for treatment.

How did Bletson enter the picture?

Continue for more about the armed robbery at 420 Wellness, including booking photos of the suspects, the arrest reports and more. The separate affidavit for Bletson notes that one of the three armed robbers seen on surveillance footage remained at large after the arrests of Hughes and Horn. The man in question was wearing a bandanna as he jumped the counter and got face-to-face with a staff member.

An investigator later conducted a computer check on Horn and discovered that in January, he had been contacted in regard to what's described as "suspicious activity" -- and at the time, he was in the company of Hughes, Shangreaux and Bletson. The report also suggests that Bletson's hairline was similar to the one sported by the missing suspect.

Police then showed the victim a photo lineup that included a shot of Bletson. She said the pic of him "looked like the male that robbed her and moved her around the store during the robbery."

As such, an arrest warrant was issued for Bletson related to suspicion of aggravated robbery and second-degree kidnapping. But for whatever reason, the DA's office has yet to formally charge him with those offenses or any others.

For their parts, Horn, Hughes and Shangreaux were scheduled for a court appearance this morning. They'd previously been given $50,000 bonds.

Look below to see booking photos of all four, followed by the aforementioned police reports.

Khamis Horn and Christopher Bletson Arrest Documents

More from our Marijuana archive: "Photos: Twelve medical marijuana-related deaths cited by Denver District Attorney."

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