"Daddy! What are you doing here?"
"Daddy! What are you doing here?"

Kids recognize dad behind bandana -- as he breaks in house to beat the hell out of their babysitter's squeeze

Raul Gaucin-Valenzuela's children know him well -- even when he's wearing a bandana over his face.

That's how Gaucin-Valenzuela was reportedly rolling this past weekend when he and a buddy broke into a home in Evans with an important mission -- to beat the shit out of a man who lived there.

Problem was, the woman of the house -- the ex-wife of the other man allegedly involved in the caper -- was looking after Gaucin-Valenzuela's kids, who immediately recognized their papa. Maybe he comes home from a hard day at work wearing a bandana over his face a lot -- and besides, it slipped at some point. At any rate, the woman put the children in a back room with her current beau (the designated punching bag) and then returned to give Gaucin-Valenzuela and his accomplice hell -- enough to make them reconsider the whole assault-and-battery deal and split. But Gaucin-Valenzuela was subsequently busted anyhow, and he faces a variety of charges ranging from second-degree burglary to menacing.

Not that he apparently did a very good job of the latter...


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