Kinyaita Davis Allegedly Used Steam Iron and Power Drill on Her Two Kids

Earlier this week, we updated you about the death of Jayvion Johnson, a 23-month-old who died under allegedly abusive circumstances despite Denver Human Services having been alerted numerous times in the past about potential problems in the home.

The story is much the same in the case of Kinyaita Davis. She's accused of horrific abuse against her two children, reportedly injuring them with a steam iron and a power drill over a period of years.

DHS is said to have previously investigated Davis's actions on multiple occasions, too.

Fortunately, Davis's two children, ages eleven and twelve, are still with us. Not so Jayvion, who died in July; just-announced autopsy results reveal that he suffered burns over 15 percent of his body in addition to a slew of other injuries. Jayvion's mother, Candice Lampley, and her boyfriend, Delonta Crank, have been charged in the boy's death, and questions about why DHS personnel missed warning signs despite six earlier filings about possible mistreatment led Denver mayor Michael Hancock to form a team to examine the agency's policies and practices.

At this writing, the team's findings and recommendations have yet to be publicly announced — but the Davis case may spur a speed-up.

Davis's Facebook gallery features a large number of portraits, including this one....

...and this one....

...and this one:

Also on view are pics of her two kids, which we're choosing not to share here. In the shots, however, both seem happy and healthy.

A probable cause statement cited by Fox31 tells another story. The document maintains that the children recently reached out to Davis's sister to report years of abuse.

On one occasion, Davis is said to have placed an iron against a male child's shoulder and pressed the steam button, causing a large burn. On another, she's accused of injuring the hand of her second child when the girl raised it to shield her face.

The kids also said they were beaten with a belt if they didn't do a good enough job of cleaning the house.

The sister responded to this information by reaching out to authorities, and at last report, Davis was in custody on felony child-abuse charges. But her sister wonders why DHS didn't act earlier. She tells the station that DHS staffers visited Davis three times over the course of three years but left the kids under their mom's care even though the power-drill scars on her daughter's hand were clearly visible.

To put it mildly, this isn't the kind of publicity Denver Human Services needs right now.

Continue to see Davis's booking photo, followed by the Fox31 piece.

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