Kirk Boyd, Murder Try Suspect, Busted After Chase That Closed Neighborhood

"Dam that's a cold ass honkey!!! " a friend posted about a photo shared on Kirk Boyd's Facebook page.

The line was clearly intended in good-natured fashion.

But since then, Boyd has been accused of attempted murder and arrested after a police chase that shut down an entire neighborhood.

Boyd's Facebook gallery features plenty of portraits, including this one....

Pretty standard stuff — but there's nothing typical about what happened on Saturday morning, November 8.

That's when Boyd is thought to have shot an acquaintance — he's been identified as Christopher Roland — at this apartment building, located near the intersection of West 55th Avenue and Newland Street:

An alert went out for Boyd shortly thereafter.

Then, on the morning of Thursday, November 12, according to 7News, Boyd was spotted by a member of the Commerce City Police Department.

When the officer attempted to contact him, Boyd, accompanied by a woman, took off.

A chase ensued, with police pursuing Boyd from Commerce City into Denver — specifically the 3200 block of Ash Street.

That's where Boyd crashed into a parked pickup.

The woman with Boyd was quickly rounded up, but he managed to slip into an unlocked garage on the block.

Police soon swarmed the scene, shutting down numerous intersections and telling neighbors to stay inside.

Before long, they managed to take Boyd into custody — a moment captured on camera.

An acquaintance of Roland's says Boyd's street name is "Irish."

7News notes that he has a lengthy criminal record, including a conviction for assault on a pregnant woman.

That's cold-ass stuff.

Look below to see Boyd's booking photo, followed by a 7News report.

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