Kristen Parker's police confession: "I didn't know this was gonna happen...."

As noted in a blog yesterday, operating-room tech/accused hepatitis-C passer Kristen Parker's public comments about the possible infection of patients at two different Colorado medical facilities were limited to quotes in the criminal complaint against her: The most vivid line was, "I know, I fucked up." Now, Channel 4 has obtained a lengthy recording of her police confession, and in it, she proves to be every bit as clueless as her most severe critics have suggested. In response to claims by Rose Medical Center that a nurse told her she had hep-C, she claims that she was instead merely advised to have herself checked out for the possibility of the ailment but didn't, due to a lack of money. A fund shortage clearly wasn't the only factor, though. Later in the conversation, she says, "I guess my pride or fear or family or whatever got in the way of me going and getting the help I needed."

And now, thousands of people are at risk of suffering from a lifetime of serious medical challenges as a result. Good call.

Listen to the report by Channel 4's Rick Sallinger by clicking here/a>.

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