Kyle Orton: number one in quarterbacking -- and embarrassing drunk photos

Wow: That was suspenseful. The competition to succeed Jay Cutler as Broncos QB is already over now that Kyle Orton has been awarded the starting position -- although it's debatable whether he should regard this move as a victory. After all, he may not have disgruntled, new-contract-wanting Brandon Marshall as a target -- ESPN's Jeff Dickerson suggests that BM might join Cutler in Chicago -- and the Broncos' brutal schedule could make even a 6-10 record out of reach. Such a scenario is capable of driving a man to drink -- and Orton certainly knows how, judging by the many party-hearty images of him on the web. Of course, he's reportedly cleaned up his act -- a situation that the BustedCoverage.com site lamented in a piece published earlier this year. "We miss the legendary neckbeard Kyle Orton," writes author J Koot in a story headlined "2 Girls. No Cups. 1 Passed Out Kyle Orton."

Looks like we won't be missing him for quite a while, whether we like it or not.

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