Lala Vazquez's pink SUV doesn't sell in first eBay auction -- but you've got another chance

Last week, we told you that Lala Vazquez, Carmelo Anthony's new bride, had put her custom pink Range Rover up for auction on eBay.

The fine ride didn't sell the first time around, so Lala re-listed it -- and this time, it's attracting offers.

At this writing, the current eBay item records twelve bids, raising the price tag from its $30,000 starting point to $35,110 with a little over four days to go. Here's the eBay pitch for the car:

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LaLa's Range Rover was on the cover of Celebrity Magazine in 2006. This was the issue where LaLa had six pages, the record for the most pages they had ever dedicated to just one celebrity. The vehicle has won numerous first and second place "Best in Show" awards at car shows around the country.

A few years ago, Mattel wanted to make a Hot Wheel after this ride. The winner of this auction will get the paperwork from Mattel about this, and can contact them and negotiate their own deal, although we do not know if the offer is still on the table.

No one in the world has this pink color, which is a custom Sherwin Williams paint made just for LaLa. It is now called "LaLa Pink". Caponez Kustomz took all rubber, glass, and bolts off the Range Rover and over the course of three weeks, painted each with this custom pink. It is so unique looking that people assume it came from the factory in this color, as the work that went into this paint job is beyond what most painters could do. In addition, Capone himself flawlessly painted all the grey areas black, telling us "Only you painters would know how hard it is to make that look right!"

Caponez Kustomz is the one stop shop in the Midwest. All the Denver Nuggets and Broncos, as well as A List actors and rappers have Caponez Kustomz customize their rides. They can be reached at (720) 621-3030 or online at www.caponezkustomz.com. (Please note that Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets is NOT the owner of Caponez Kustomz, as LaLa states in the video. It is owned by Vett Capone of Denver, Colorado.)

Not convinced to up the ante yet? Page down to see a video of Lala's pride and joy taken at the Denver Convention Center, plus photos from inside and out:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.