LaLa Vazquez's valentine to Denver: Kenny Be's Playing Cupid

It pains my heart to see strained relationships. Why can't everyone just get along? Since it's the season of love, I've created Kenny Be Valentine's cards, intended to calm the cantankerous and help bring impassioned parties together. Below, LaLa's heartfelt offer of love to the citizens of Denver... Valentine from LaLa Vazquez, TV personality and basketball wife, to the Citizens of Denver: Below, Michael Huttner goes the distance to help patch things up with Peter Boyles... Valentine from Michael Huttner, former CEO of ProgressNow, to Peter Boyles, #1 KHOW talk jock: Below, Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown tugs at the heartstrings of a pit bull... Valentine from Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown, to all Denver Pit Bulls: Below, D.A. Carol Chambers switches on the charm and shocks attorney David Lane... Valentine from District 18 District Attorney Carol Chambers, to David Lane, High-profile Civil Rights Attorney:

Haven't had your fill of love yet? Check out Kenny Be's complete "Playing Cupid' slideshow.

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