Landon Christopher Jensen, our shmuck, makes police "work for it"

The best way to stay out of prison is not to commit crimes. It's a simple concept, but one that may have eluded Landon Christopher Jensen, a 23-year-old Boulder man who managed to briefly escape from a police car Wednesday, according to the Boulder Daily Camera. Jensen, who apparently has a very long rap sheet that includes auto theft, driving under the influence, assault and other charges, had been arrested again and was being taken to jail when he managed to get his arms free, reach through the backseat window to open the door and hightail it to a strip mall.

Police eventually caught up to Jensen in a Larkburger restaurant, where he was hiding in a boiler room in the back. The story continues: "When ordered out of the boiler room at gunpoint, Jensen complied, the report said. He resisted 'a little bit' as he was re-handcuffed behind his back. Officers also 'hobbled' Jensen, putting restraints on his ankles."

But then, as he was being taken to jail, police say Jensen told them: "I made you guys work for it today. I wasn't trying to run from you guys. Just the circumstances, I didn't want to go back to prison."

So far, that plan isn't going very well.

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