Larimer County GOP worked up $100,000 in campaign fines from the state -- and here's how

The Larimer County Republican Party has managed to rack up $100,000 in fines for failing to file campaign finance report filings during the 2010 elections. Now, ousted party chairman Larry Carillo is admitting that he never even opened the multiple delinquency notices sent by state officials.

Why? Because he knew what they said.

Carrillo tells the Fort Collins Coloradoan:

"Was I aware that we were getting notices? Yes. Was I negligent on opening those? Yes. Why? Because I assumed they said, 'You need to file your reports,'" he said in an interview with the Coloradoan.

Ah, yes, procrastination at its finest.

Every political party and campaign participating in state elections is required by law to provide information listings donors and expenditures to the Colorado Secretary of State's office. This is usually the responsibility of a group's treasurer. Turnover within the Larimer County GOP had apparently left the role unfilled in the midst of campaign season.

But when the delinquency letters from the state were forwarded to Carillo, he chose to ignore them. Not a good idea. By December, the fines were accruing at a rate of $700 a day.

Carillo resigned over the screw up on February 28. But at least he isn't resorting to finger pointing.

"I know it sounds like I wasn't doing my job, which was the case," he told the Coloradoan.

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Jared Jacang Maher