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Laurence Maroney, Broncos bust arrested in St. Louis, says he needs to be smarter (VIDEO)

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Update: As we shared yesterday in an item on view below, Denver Broncos running-back bust Laurence Maroney was arrested in St. Louis on a weapons charge. At this writing, however, he has not been officially charged, and he's already attempting to do image repair, as seen in an auto-play video on view below.

Maroney spoke with a reporter from KSDK-TV in St. Louis, his hometown. He doesn't criticize the police for stopping the vehicle in which he rode outside a Rick Ross concert, saying they were following proper procedures. He also emphasizes his good works in the community even as he confesses to anxiety that his reputation with take a hit from the NFL and the public at large. And when he's asked if the incident has caused him to reevaluate some of his actions, he says it let him know he needs to be smarter.

That's one way of putting it. Here's the video, which is a bit glitchy. If you hear two audio tracks playing slightly out of syncronization, try putting the player on pause: When I tried doing so, the image froze but a single audio track could be heard clearly. Also see our earlier item, complete with a larger view of Maroney's pig-tailed mug shot:

Update, 4:13 p.m. January 18: Among failed Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels's many disasters this past season was the acquisition of Laurence Maroney from the New England Patriots -- a deal that no doubt gave Bill Belichick a good laugh. And he's probably chuckling even harder today, given word that Maroney has been arrested in St. Louis, likely on charges related to weed and weapons.

The ambiguity is explained in a post by Chad Garrison in the Riverfront Times, our St. Louis sister paper. Garrison initially chatted with a spokeswoman for Maroney, who grew up in St. Louis. She told him Maroney had been arrested for gun possession after the car in which he rode was mistakenly pulled over by police. She added that Maroney has a concealed carry permit, although it wasn't on him at the time of the stop.

A short time later, Garrison updated his post with information from the St. Louis Police Department. According to the SLPD, police observed three vehicles causing traffic to slow down outside an arena where hip-hop star Rick Ross had just performed. Cops say several occupants of the vehicles were "observed smoking what was believed to be marijuana." They then stopped two of the vehicles; the third got away.

While police aren't releasing names yet, one of the vehicles, an Infiniti Q56 SUV, presumably held Maroney. Inside it, Garrison reports, they found marijuana and three weapons -- a .45 caliber, a 9MM and a .223 rifle. These discoveries led to five arrests on assorted marijuana possession or unlawful use of a weapon charges. One member of the quintet -- Garrison believes it was Maroney based on the suspect's age and the fact that he had a conceal-carry permit -- was arrested for possessing a firearm while under the influence of drugs.

At this writing, the Denver Broncos website makes no mention of Maroney's troubles. The new regime probably would rather he just go away...

More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Perrish Cox, Denver Broncos cornerback, arrested in Lone Tree on sexual assault charge."

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