Least Gubernatorial Photos of Colorado Governor-Elect Jared Polis

Yes, this is the next governor of Colorado, imitating the way his dog rolled on the lawn.
Yes, this is the next governor of Colorado, imitating the way his dog rolled on the lawn. @jaredpolis
In this month's Democratic blue wave election, Coloradans overwhelmingly chose Representative Jared Polis to serve as the state's next governor.

But even though he's still preparing to tackle the ambitious agenda he described to us in our recent post-election interview, one thing is already clear: Polis will be the geekiest guv in state history. And we've got the photos to prove it.

Sorry, John Hickenlooper. You're no longer Colorado's King Dork.

We're already on record as loving Polis's Twitter account. In our 2017 Best of Denver issue, long before he declared his gubernatorial run, we named him the "Best Politician to Follow on Twitter," for reasons described in the following blurb:
Even those who may not be as politically progressive as Boulder-area rep Jared Polis will find plenty to like in his Twitter conversations, which address current events and developments in a notably lively and plainspoken way. In response to a tweet quoting a source who claimed that if the House failed to pass its replacement for Obamacare, President Donald Trump would go crazy, Polis tweeted, "Too late, he already is." After Moonlight scored a surprise triumph at this year's Academy Awards, he responded, "Yeah, but La La Land won the popular vote." And after news broke that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had used the name "Wayne Tracker" as an e-mail alias, Polis slipped in a coy Anthony Weiner reference: "What I really want to know is did Wayne Tracker catfish Carlos Danger?" That last joke is a lot hipper than anything that would occur to most politicians, which is argument enough to follow Polis's lead.
As you'll see, the pics he shares are often just as memorable as his takes. A lot of folks took to Twitter to express their sadness after the death of Robin Williams, but Polis is the only one we know to pose in front of Boulder's Mork & Mindy house dressed like the former — and we haven't heard about any other members of Congress who bid farewell to the late Leonard Nimoy by way of a Vulcan salute.

This is hardly the only Star Trek reference you'll notice in the following ten photos. We hope they inspire the governor-elect to keep sharing wacky shots even after he ascends to the highest office in Colorado.

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