Least popular button on 14th Street: FluVote

There are a lot of people working 14th Street today. T-shirt vendors, protesters, booths encouraging recycling, demonstrators against the war, against INS raids, against George Bush and everything else under the sun. And while there are plenty of DNC-related buttons available for sale on the street, the one that’s probably the least popular is being given away for free.

Flu vaccination.

Sure, it’s important. Sure, getting vaccinated gives you anywhere from a 10- to 90-percent chance of avoiding the flu in any given year. But in a year where the big deal issues are two different wars, record gas prices, a crippled economy and finally booting a two-term, linguistically challenged dumbass out of office, it’s just tough to get people riled up about the efficacy of flu vaccines.

Which isn’t to say that the volunteers from the Medimmune flu vaccine campaign aren’t trying. They’re out on the street, handing out buttons and literature. But already, the little ledge running along the back wall of the DPAC is littered with cast-off buttons from www.fluvote.com, and I think that, by then end of the convention, we’ll be able to pave the streets with these things. -- Jason Sheehan

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