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Leeann Meyer search: Missing woman's Rav4 and truck found, foul play fears

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On February 23, Wheat Ridge resident Leann Meyer, nicknamed Annie, had a phone conversation with a friend. That's the last time anyone has spoken to her.

The Wheat Ridge Police Department hasn't called her disappearance a result of foul play thus far. But the search for her has grown as the story has gotten national attention. And in recent days, there have been not one but two developments in the case -- the discovery of two vehicles belonging to Meyer. Details, photos and videos below.

In a March 5 release, the WRPD sent out a copy of Meyer's driver's license photo...

...and noted that she communicated with her employer at U.S. Bank via text message on February 25. After that, silence.

The release also included basic identifying information about her -- five-feet seven-inches tall, 130 pounds, blue eyes, brown/gray hair -- and the two missing vehicles. The first was a 1995 silver Toyota pickup with Colorado license plate 688DJH. The second: a 2009 silver Toyota Rav4 with the Colorado plate 975YUH.

The next day, officers circulated photos of vehicles like the ones Meyer owned. Here's the pickup....

...and here's a shot resembling her Rav4: Again, there was no reference to a crime having been committed. But as noted in a March 8 piece by ABC News, one of numerous national outlets to pick up the story, investigators admitted to puzzlement over the refusal of Meyer's roommate, Melissa Miller, to meet with them in person. Miller reportedly called in sick for Meyer on February 22 (the February 25 text was also about not coming to work), and she told cops over the phone that Meyer had left with a woman named Cathy. However, she hasn't returned to the apartment they'd shared since March 4, when police were first notified that Meyer was missing.

Then, yesterday, a break.

Continue for more about the Leann Meyer search, including another photo and two videos. Police in Wheat Ridge announced that they'd received a tip regarding the location of Meyer's pickup -- and they subsequently found in in a parking lot near West 72nd Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard. The truck was immediately impounded and slated for analysis to determine if technicians could find evidence pointing to her whereabouts.

The Rav4 was still gone at that point, but the WRPD had a new image to share -- this one showing surveillance footage showing Meyer behind the wheel:

A short time ago, authorities in Wheat Ridge released their fourth update. Another tip brought officers to the 3700 block of Marshall Street, where they located the Rav4. It was promptly sealed and transported to the police vehicle storage area, where it "will be searched and forensically processed," the latest release states.

An added note: "Initial investigation would indicate that the Rav4 had been parked in that location for several days."

There's still no assertion that Meyer was taken against her will. But US Bank is offering a reward of $8,000 for information that leads to the location of Meyer, with Crime Stoppers chipping in up to $2,000 more. Anyone with information about her whereabouts is encouraged to phone the Wheat Ridge Police Department tip line at 303-235-2947 or Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867.

Look below to see two videos -- the aforementioned ABC News report from March 8 -- a date that just happens to be Meyer's 52nd birthday. Also on view is a piece from KARE-TV in Minneapolis-St. Paul, where she was raised. The latter features word about Meyer's mother, who is coming to the Denver area tomorrow to join in the search. The station notes that at times during the interview, her mom refers to her in the past tense.

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