Leave Us a Loan
Congratulations to Patricia Calhoun for cutting through all the crap the mayor's office has been handing out about Denver International Airport (and Denver's daily papers and TV stations swallow). Her March 23 column, "Loan Sharks," was the only honest piece of journalism I've seen on this subject. She knows when to call a spade a spade--and a loan a loan.

I guess we all know who's footing the bill.
Roger Holman

Westword has amply documented the numerous blunders associated with the planning and construction of DIA, but no one has yet set forth what I consider the best reason that the average metro-area resident who flies at most once or twice a year would prefer not to abandon Stapleton: the freely available and really cool experience of driving on I-70 and being "run over" by a taxiing jetliner! I'll bet the loss of this great encounter never even entered into the debate over the wisdom of relocating from Stapleton!

Michael Donahue

First, AIDS
Regarding Steve Jackson's "Ill Will" in the March 16 issue:
Many thanks for covering the very timely issue of AIDS funding, organization and the ouster of Lance Clem from the Governor's AIDS Council. I sincerely encourage your continued coverage of this topic.

Public health officials and doctors alike must continue to be subjected to high levels of scrutiny, and rightly so, especially in light of your story and the many changes currently surrounding the various public health agencies and other public AIDS commissions, committees, et al. Especially now, too, because the federal funding levels have jumped and our disbursement hierarchy has been altered. I am a long-term survivor with AIDS and feel certain that your interest is helping my health in a most crucial period. Your article nicely touched on the weak governmental support still being offered to established holistic, nursing, native and spiritual health providers. While Denver has become visionary in this regard, the feds and many states seem sorely lacking. I applaud Lance Clem for having the guts to help bring these concerns to light. It's distressing that his "style" is not fully appreciated by the Colorado Department of Health. Lance has many supporters in the community, and many of us also feel free to speak out when we're not affiliated or working for the public health system--our very own medical-industrial complex, getting bigger by the month.

Michael Schaffnit

Wet Your Whistle
While I was "wading" through the Whitewater coverage last week, I reread Patricia Calhoun's March 16 column, "Trickle-Down Economics," about the RTC whistleblowers. It should be required reading for everyone in the country as well as everyone in Denver. Ms. Calhoun did an excellent job of putting the situation in perspective--I wanted to tell you that first. Next, I'm going to write our congresspeople and demand an investigation of not just Whitewater, but the entire Resolution Trust Corporation. Thank you.

Sarah Manning

Johnny Be Good
Regarding Michael Roberts's "Grand Old Punkers" in the March 16 issue:
Johnny, we hardly knew you! So now we know what happened to Rush Limbaugh's illegitimate love child. For a band that was the torchbearer of the original punk movement, Johnny Ramone certainly personifies where the Ramones have been headed slowly but surely for the last several years...into the land of monotony. So you've never practiced a day in your life? Congrats! Wasn't punk about doing your own thing and breaking down all existing barriers? Punk is only punk if it's fresh and new, get it? But what else could we expect from an aging right-wing Republican just coming out of the closet? Maybe playing for Dan Quayle's inaugural ball come 1996?

Patrick Casey

The Gathering of the Klan
Regarding Andrea Barnett's "The Girl Next Door" in the March 16 issue:
If beauty really does come from within, then your "cover girl," Brooke Wolff, is a putrid, maggot-eaten abortion. She thinks people who leave nasty messages on her racist hotline are perhaps "afraid of" her philosophy. Afraid? I think not. Perhaps those nastygrams stem from the outrage felt by many, myself included, when they hear of her wholly backward mode of thinking. Indeed, could it be that Wolff herself is the one afraid--of the concept of living harmoniously with the nonwhite populace?

Although it probably doesn't need to be said--this all seems so elementary!--one of my dearest friends and mentors is black. I love her for her wisdom, sense of humor and insight. In fact, it doesn't even occur to me that she is black, except for when people like Wolff surface from the underbelly of humanity.

Wolff's clever play on words--"I don't hate black people. I just love white people"--doesn't disguise her true belief that nonwhites are inferior to whites. Well, Brooke, white folks like me don't love you.

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