The Scales of Justice
Regarding "Justice (Dept.) Is Served" in the April 27 issue:
Enough already about Rocky Flats! You've coasted on this topic long enough. Can't Westword's editor find anything else to write about?

Joe Garcia

I very much appreciated grand jury foreman Wes McKinley's assessment of the Department of Justice report. Our country would be much better off if all the Washington bureaucrats spoke as plainly.

Thank you for your continued coverage of this issue.
Francine Rodgers

I note that the Rocky Flats investigation inertia is in Dr. Strangeloveian neutral, despite the grand jury's best efforts. Yet even now, and given the limitations of the people involved, they could be helped. It was a pleasure to read your follow-up story on toxic flats.

Rolf Norstog

Your April 20 issue was exceptionally interesting to me. The articles "Inside the Big House," "The Secret Formula," "History in the Making," "Pollution Absolution" and "Jail Break" were all stimulating--most furnishing further evidence of strong-arm, corrupted practices by big businesses and big governments against relatively defenseless individuals.

But most interesting to me was the "Off Limits" column about censorship of fringe news items by mainstream news media giants and the group in California that exposes the 25 major items of this type of censorship annually, including Rocky Flats.

Thanks, Patricia Calhoun and staff at Westword, for rejecting and calling attention to this type of news media censorship.

Robert McPhee

Out of the Mouths of Babes...
Regarding Michael Roberts's "The Secret Formula" in the April 20 issue:
I just wanted you to know that I found your article very interesting. We also have twins and I went through the same experiences you did three and a half years ago. I followed up with Pat Schroeder and called the baby food manufacturers to find out what this black market was, because a manager at a Cub Foods told me that Arabs were buying truckloads of formula and shipping it off to Iran and Iraq. I never found out if any of that was true. I just wanted you to know that the same thing was going on then, and there will be a day that your twins will outgrow formula. Good luck.

Abbe Walder

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