Love That Bob!
I am appalled by Steve Jackson's "Top of Their Game," in the September 21 issue, for its tacit approval of the activities of "Bob," the self-appointed eco-terrorist who seems to limit his involvement in the environmental movement to stealing the Colorado Mountain Club's summit registers from the state's Fourteeners. A petty thief and vandal is still a petty thief and vandal, no matter how self-righteously he portrays himself. I personally think that concern for the environment has nothing to do with this sorry behavior. The poor, insecure son of a bitch has a real need to feel superior to other people, and since so many others climb peaks, the only way "Bob" can feel superior is to engage in childish, attention-getting behavior that others find offensive.

If he was doing this as an environmental action, the need to brag about his activities wouldn't be there. I understand that Westword caters to a crowd that needs self-definition as "cool," but this sorry little thief Bob and Steve Jackson are definitely not cool. They are just pathetic. Get a life.

David Delli Quadri

Oh, come on, "Bob"--you want to engage in mountain climbing but resent it that other people do, too ("You can't even be on a summit alone anymore unless it's winter"). You say you now see mountain climbing as a "sublime" alpine experience--but your actions indicate you're really starting out from a position of anger, on a mission. You justify your actions based on the remarks of a rookie volunteer--that's childish. You don't want to talk to the Colorado Mountain Club because you think they're trying to trap you into getting arrested. Well, first of all, they're not going to arrest you, and second, if you're worried, why don't you call them and talk to appropriate people and listen to their side of it?

B. Voigt

I personally keep Colorado Mountain Club registers off Grays and Torreys peaks, or at least I try to, but it's difficult, because they are very diligent about replacing them. Anymore, no matter when I walk up (you don't have to "climb" but one of Colorado's Fourteeners, Crestone Needle; the rest you just walk or drive up), there are so many people at the summit waiting to write their little notes in the register, I can never get it away from them long enough to escape with it.

As far as offering a reward for my arrest and conviction--or that of "Bob"--may I ask what for? There is no law against packing out trash or registration canisters, and as far as I am concerned, they are one and the same. If I turn myself in peacefully, will you give me the $500? As soon as the legislature goes back into session, you can give a lobbyist four or five grand and he or she or it will get your logs declared official state documents, with stiff punishment for messing with them. Then you can really break my balls. For now, you're out of luck.

There are two reasons the registers are there in the first place. The first is a pissing contest. Like dogs approaching a fire hydrant, they just have to do it. There is no explanation for it, it's just something that must be done. They like to smell other dogs' piss, and then they piss on it themselves.

The second reason is that once a year, Colorado Mountain Club mumbers get together and congratulate themselves for walking up all those mountains. Awards are handed out for various categories and achievements. These hikes must be verified by the logs just to keep everybody honest. So if there is no register at the summit, it really pisses them off, because now they walked up the mountain for nothing! By getting rid of the registers, you get rid of two-thirds of the hikers!

P.S. Half of the club members are lawyers who would like to sharpen their claws on my bones, so please withhold my full name. Also, I'm a mechanic, and I make a good living fixing their cars.

Name withheld on request

Standing Pat
Thank you for printing the September 21 article on Pat Miller, Ward Harkavy's "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me." We need more of this to save our Constitution.

Wayde Millang

Pat Miller's agenda doesn't include spousal abuse, sexual harassment, "these kinds of issues," as she so disdainfully puts it. You mean issues that affect my life and health? She just confirmed the wisdom of my pro-choice, registered Republican decision to vote for David Skaggs in November.

Christine Bannon

Evidently, truth is not one of Pat Miller's values, for she is an un-American pseudo-patriot. Here are the wrong values of the religious right:

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