On Her Toes
After reading Patricia Calhoun's "The Art of the Deal" November 8, I agree with half of it. True, Adam's Mark should not have taken down the sculpture without talking to the artist first. But it's also true that bronze ballerinas would be a big improvement over the paraboloid!

Suzanne Foster

Elevators through the sidewalks? Why don't we let Adam's Mark rent rooms in City Hall while we're at it? We've given the hotel's developer everything else.

A.R. Austin

To Serve and Protest
Regarding Steve Jackson's "Battle Cry," in the November 1 issue:
The people who parade and protest near the Planned Parenthood clinic at 20th and Vine are appalling. Any reasonable person who has any Christian Bible-reading or churchgoing experience and an open mind knows one thing: Jesus would never have joined in these outrageous antics. The man who refused to judge and refused to hate and allowed a known prostitute to wash his feet would surely involve himself in more gentle displays.

Do any of these protesters involve themselves in the education process, trying to help girls and women avoid unplanned pregnancy in the first place? Have they invited a pregnant teen, whose parents have kicked her out of the house, into their own home? Would they support putting condoms in schools? They are a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. Having an abortion is not something I would wish on my worst enemy; the anguish a woman or girl must feel approaching that office must be bad enough without graphic photos, screams and nasty people.

It is disgusting that these protesters claim to be doing God's work. They give Christianity a worse name than Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker did.

Kelly J. Bates

Thank you for "Battle Cry." It serves as more proof that logic means nothing to those against the right to free choice. Dressing up as Lincoln to link the fight against freedom of choice with the fight for freedom from slavery is pathetic and ridiculous. The fight against the right to safe abortions is obviously a fight for the right of the unborn to enslave women.

Most women see their interests and needs as identical to the interests and needs of their unborn children, and they choose to give birth. For them, the fetus, baby, contents of the womb, unborn, future person, whatever, cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered their master. But for those few unfortunate women who find themselves pregnant against their will, unless they can safely abort, the fetus inside them owns them as surely and completely as a nineteenth-century Alabama cotton grower owned the people picking his crop. Where the interests of the unborn and the born conflict, the anti-choice say, the born must yield. Where the interests of the plantation owner and slave conflict, the slave must yield. That is the essence of slavery.

To constantly harp on the word "fetus" and the humanity of the contents of the womb is equally ridiculous. It is a baby. Fine. What does that matter if it is enslaving the woman it rides around in? It is small, but "smallness" doesn't mean "morally better" or "more important." Americans have long believed freedom is more important than life, which is why we've been willing to die fighting Nazis, Communists and slave owners. Live free or die, say New Hampshire's license plates. Better dead than Red. Women--Americans--must be free to conduct their lives and their bodies as they see fit, or they aren't fully American. Give me liberty or give me death.

Abortion isn't the issue. Freedom is the issue. The overwhelming support for the right to choose clearly demonstrates that the majority of Americans understand that freedom is the essence of being an American and choice is the essence of being free. Hallelujah.

Live free or die.
Mike Bartlett

When will the abortion issue ever be put to rest? In my teens I saw several girlfriends' lives saved by abortion. How could these girls have faced the humiliation of being a pregnant eighth- or tenth-grader and still finish high school? Who would have cared for these unwanted babies if the mothers were determined enough to continue school? And how can a fourteen-year-old financially support a child, give it emotional care, finish school and still lead a happy adolescence? My friends have gone on to be successful businesspeople, college grads making a positive effort for our society. They're not sinners. They made a mistake that took somewhere between five seconds and fifteen minutes, and now they should pay for it for the rest of their lives by being forced or guilt-tripped into parenthood? And where are the fathers? What a joke! Why must the women suffer all the consequences and the men go on their merry way? Why do these male abortion protesters think they have any say or opinion whatsoever in something that is mainly a female issue? Typically, if roles were reversed, these men would probably change their self-righteous, egotistical stances.

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