Dis Honor
Alan Prendergast's October 24 article, "Motion to Dismiss," made reference to the divorce action involving a local attorney whose estranged wife was dying of cancer. I performed a great deal of the research for the respondent in that case. Never in all the courtrooms where I have assisted has my sense of fairness been so offended. Judge Hufnagel's viciously disdainful, derogatory and continuing statements to and regarding the respondent, as well as other blatantly prejudicial behavior with regard to our team, stunned me. I have been in the courtrooms of numerous judges who can be harsh or are considered so; never have I seen behavior that came close to that of Judge Hufnagel. Her lack of impartiality, her refusal to recognize strong legal precedent in the treatment of that case, and her rudeness and disrespect of the dignity of the court continue to offend my sense of trust in the court system.

There is no room for her kind of "justice" in our system, and it would give me great satisfaction to vote against retaining her this November.

Daniel Disner

Say what you will about Judge Hufnagel's attitude and/or demeanor, she is still one of the best damned judges in this state.

The whining and bitching displayed by those who claim to be victimized by her is no more than their attempt to justify their own inadequacies. I have experienced Judge Hugnagel's court as a defendant. I was facing more than a few very serious charges. Because Judge Hufnagel not only knows the law but also possesses a sense of compassion and understanding that people make mistakes and bad choices but are capable of overcoming all of that, she gave me a chance to make something of myself. I was facing many years in prison when I walked into her courtroom, but because of her compassion, I am now a productive member of society and am doing my best to give back what she gave me. Had she been the cold, heartless person you and those you interviewed make her out to be, I would be just another statistic.

Next time you decide to do on expose on someone like the Honorable Lynne Hufnagel, why don't you find some people who will paint a more objective picture of her instead of this one-sided bashing? I personally experienced the wrath of Her Honor and the humiliation of her asking me pointed questions about my crimes. I am thankful that she did this. It was a step in a long process of waking up and taking responsibility for my actions, choices and decisions.

Judge Hufnagel is tough. She does not have patience for those who come to her unprepared. She is very demanding. But she is also fair and compassionate and does her job with integrity and pride. Who can fault her for that? She is, after all, a judge.

James A. Sweet
via the Internet

Until Judge Hufnagel and attorney Mathis got their considerable talons into Yellow Cab, we drivers labored under the illusion that there is some measure of freedom and judicial responsibility in America. As good as Prendergast is, and as bad as Yellow Cab was, no writer could describe the duress, arrogance and greed foisted upon us during our Hufnagel/Mathis era.

Those who did not vote with their feet then--and the rest of you--should now cast ballots. Spread the word: We need impartial judges, not imperial ones.

Gene Edwards

The Colorado Hispanic Bar Association strongly supports the retention of Judge Hufnagel. As a practicing attorney, I have had the pleasure of appearing before Judge Hufnagel on numerous occasions and have tried a number of serious cases before her, including a homicide case. Through such experience, it has become clear that Judge Hufnagel is an excellent jurist who has a vast knowledge of the law and an uncanny ability to apply common sense. It has also been my experience and that of my CHBA colleagues that Judge Hufnagel is fair and even-handed in her rulings and treats all litigants with respect.

Perhaps one of Judge Hufnagel's finest qualities is her willingness to volunteer her time to assist young attorneys to develop and improve the skills they need to effectively advocate their client's cause. I first met Judge Hufnagel several years ago when she served as a volunteer instructor in a CHBA program that provided young Hispanic attorneys training in effective advocacy skills. During this program, Judge Hufnagel impressed upon participants the gravity of our work as attorneys and how, through our work, we can positively impact the lives of others on a daily basis. Given the degree of importance that she attributes to the law and the legal process, it is no surprise that Judge Hufnagel demands excellence from the attorneys who appear before her.

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