The Mouse That Roared
I appreciated Alan Prendergast's article on the Preble's mouse, "Of Mice and Men," in the November 27 issue. Too often the mainstream media seems to be very biased in favor of growth and development in Colorado. I am a Colorado native and think projects like Highlands Ranch are a disgusting example of greedy developers and real estate people ruining our state at our expense. I hope the mouse is put on the endangered list--not only to save the species, but to put a wrench into the scumbag developers' plans.

Keep up the good work! Maybe there is still hope to keep Colorado from becoming another Southern California.

John McMahan
via the Internet

Alan Prendergast's story about the Preble's jumping mouse gave both sides of a dispute concerning that virus-carrying little rodent. Environmentalists warn of "vanishing eco-systems" and loss of "bio-diversity" if government fails to protect it. They may have a factual point or two on their side, but they are driven by the same kind of holy-roller emotionalism that drives another big dispute about diversity (cultural, that is). The Weltanschauung of the liberal fascisti is everywhere.

Crusaders for snail darters, for inedible fish in the Colorado River, and now for a mouse would be merely bizarre except for their success in court. Assuming the Endangered Species Act is so tightly written that judges have no choice but to place mice before men, then "the law is an ass, an idiot." It is time to repeal or drastically modify it.

If that fails, citizens should band together in gangs and hunt the beast to extinction.

Norman Ely

As usual, another organism is being added to the list of animals that do not benefit ranchers or corporations of one sort or another. In many states around the country, we are already seeing the result of wiping out species of plant, animal or insect life on this earth. Where will all these ranchers and corporations be when this planet is no longer able to support life? They really don't give a damn where they will be, as long as they can place the blame somewhere, anywhere but on themselves.

I don't believe that we have too many years to go to see that, either. Already farmers must rent beehives because we are losing bees here in the U.S.; diseases that are resistant to our medicines are popping up even faster; and I don't know of too many lakes, streams or pieces of land that have not been polluted somewhere to make money for someone else. It's a shame we cannot appreciate what we have here now. I guess it will not stop until our own species is on the endangered species list.

Linchi Tan
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I greatly enjoyed your article on the Preble's mouse, which was thoroughly written and provided a diversity of perspectives. The one thing I found particularly amusing, however, was that the mouse you featured on the front page was not a Preble's but, as close as I can tell, an Ord's Kangaroo Rat. I'm sure the kangaroo rats of Colorado are flattered by the inadvertent attention but probably would rather remain anonymous, with all the poking and prodding being received by their jumping cousin.

Dave Lovell
via the Internet

For years I thought Michael Roberts's music reviews were intentionally boring, leaving me more listening time. Kyle Wagner seems as if no food will ever cheer her up.

Is this because real life-and-death issues beyond the mutant Preble's mouse are at stake? Whether we like it or not, recent retaliation for the killing (murder?) of a skinhead in Denver has left two dead--a kid and a cop.

There is a chance you'll catch up with the other papers, even if by mistake.
Betty Jones

X-Rated Marks the Spot
No sooner had I finished reading Michael Roberts's "Obscene and Heard," in the December 4 issue, than I heard Tom Martino talk about "K-Fart" on his KHOW radio show (the company jacked up the cost of something a woman had on layaway). Martino's language was a lot less offensive than the company's behavior.

Good story.
Jill Myers

I'm not a prude, but a 45-year-old mom who likes to listen to Nirvana, Soundgarden, etc. But the disc jockey talk gets out of hand, and I have to draw the line when orgasm contests are being conducted loud and clear at 8:30 a.m. while I drive my kids (ages thirteen and nine) to school. One of my son's thirteen-year-old friends actually called one of the stations and said pretty much what I listed above; he was told to shut up, grow up and quit whining. Kids want to hear cool music, but can they without all the other junk? Yeah, if Mom remembers to bring her tapes for the car--sponsors be wary!

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