To Surge and Protect
Thank you, thank you for Patricia Calhoun's "Autumn of Angst," in the December 11 issue. Assholes are everywhere; Denver just happened to have a surge. Stupidity breeds stupidity, but we are still a great town with great people.

Jill Strunk
via the Internet

Big Brother Is Listening
After reading Patricia Calhoun's "I Am Curious, Yellow Journalism," in the December 4 issue, I thought of sending this e-mail to the Rocky Mountain News:

Dear editors: The News would be better off if you spent more time reading your own paper and less time reading your employees' personal files. And so would we.

Instead, I decided to send this e-mail to Westword:
Keep it up, Calhoun!
Terry Fine
via the Internet

Patty (or is that Catty?) Calhoun is obviously jealous that she does not work for a real newspaper, which publishes real columnists. Meow.

Ellen McDowell
via the Internet

Correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that any and all e-mail sent at work (seeing as you are using the company's equipment and time) is fair game for snooping. Usually we are just lucky that they look the other way as we forward "Even More Dumb Blonde Jokes" around to every co-worker known to man.

Aimee Giese
via the Internet

Regarding Calhoun's chronicling of my travails at the Rocky Mountain News: Most of the facts were essentially correct, but I did not "lose my post as music writer" because of plagiarism. In binding arbitration I was found not to have plagiarized, and the News was ordered to reinstate me. When I was reinstated, it was essentially my decision to go to the copy desk. 'Nuff said. (Not written on company equipment...)

Justin Mitchell
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California Schemin'
Looks like we should get some billboards ready for the next election campaign that say "For Higher Electric Rates, Vote for Schaefer and Schauer." Stuart Steers's "Socket to Me," in the December 11 issue, is just one more example of politicians being bought by big money and the sucker public never being the wiser. Who says we don't need major campaign finance reform?

Frederick Sage

It's important to note the tone of legislation being promoted. If Colorado utilities are allowed to sell energy in other jurisdictions, then the legislation should bear reciprocity. I live in the Southwest, and yes, we're buried in expensive nuclear plants and certainly are looking forward to competition.

People are afraid of the unknown. Politicians and managers are protecting their turf with scare tactics. They paint scenarios that are speculative at best. In the real world, no one really knows how competition will shake out. California has an agenda, but who's to say how it will evolve? They're playing it by ear. There is no Great Energy Guru in California. Competition will force efficient management of resources--a value hidden from consumers in regulated markets. There will still be watchdog groups that will address customer red-lining, and there will be rate increases. The only real guarantee is that consumers will pay their equitable share of investment.

Sure, the big dog gets to eat first because he's the only dog in the room. That will change as well. Belly up to the bar, Coloradans: Go to Park Meadows and see if you can get Energy Gift Certificates. Mail 'em to me for Christmas. 'Cause this stuff out here is high, and the first chance I get, I will be bargain-basement power shopping.

Herb Greasham
via the Internet

Stuart Steers's article on Californians' quest to steal energy sources from Colorado--or anywhere they can get it--pissed me off so bad, I couldn't even finish reading the whole piece! For God's sake! California--or more specifically, Southern California--has the most despicable system of getting what it wants at any cost to those who have legal claim or ethical ties to the source. Look at what they've done to their own state, for example: Mona Lake, in the far northeastern corner of the state, is almost dried up and its ecosystem destroyed, simply to pump all that water to Los Angeles through the aquaduct! It really is a "black hole," sucking water, energy sources and everything else it can steal and giving nothing back.

Fuck them! Emergency legislation should be our highest priority to put a stop to this! They send their people here to despoil our land, and now they want to take away our power sources to feed their nefarious mob in the south! I lived there, in the north, for fifteen years and witnessed firsthand how those in the south can and will use any means they can get away with to get whatever they want!

Give them not one single lump of our coal nor one drop of our water! They sit right next to the Pacific Ocean, for God's sake. Desalinization of water works well in the Middle East; it can work for them, too, if only the politicians and California's PG&E can see past the ends of their noses to even study it! But of course, PG&E has a large vested interest in the control of energy sources and the politicians in their pocket! Fuck California! The best thing that could happen to the state would be that it would dry up into a dustball and blow away!

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