I Am Furious, Yellow
The January 1 Year in Review cover may have been intended as a parody, but with it, Westword showed its true colors: yellow, for yellow journalism. You people are as trashy as any of the tabloids you mock.

Ginger Foster

Hello, Denver. As a former journalist who cut his teeth on the "gonzo" writing style of the early Hunter Thompson, I got a real kick out of your Year in Review feature. It had just the right combination of sass and substance--too many "alternative" writers/reporters try to create sarcastic magic on attitude alone, without first doing their reporting chores. But your features are impressive in having the t's crossed and the i's dotted. From a distance of 1,100 miles, I can feel like a witness to the events described. I don't bookmark many Web sites, and as something of a curmudgeon, I don't pass along many raves, but you folks do a nice job. Now tear up 1998.

John Dunn
via the Internet

I'm a business owner and a former advertiser in your newspaper. I want to express my displeasure with the cover of your latest issue. I think your newspaper in general is increasingly distasteful. I want to let you know that I will not be advertising in it anymore. I'd hoped that you'd be more sensitive to taste.

Name withheld on request

Your Year in Review was a hoot! I chuckled the whole time I read it. Very well done!

Ed Robb
via the Internet

"Hate State"? You got it all wrong. It's Hate World--wake up and smell the coffee.

I make it a point to talk to some of these "hate" groups, both black and white. I approach them on a friendly basis and ask if I can ask a few questions. The answers boil down to these simple statements: The blacks say, "Whitey doesn't know what's in store" for him; the skinheads say they are armed and ready.

Scary, isn't it, Ms. Editor? Try talking to a few yourself--don't take my word. Most set a date. The year 2005 will see the worst race riot this world has ever seen.

Fred Webber

In your Year in Review of sports, I noticed no mention of the Colorado Rapids making it to the MLS final in 1997. What the hell is up with that?

Chris Toney
via the Internet

I must take issue with your January 1 story characterizing Denver Post columnist Chuck Green as a "defender of children and small animals." Such unreflective words belie Mr. Green's sinister nature.

After lengthy cabalistic and astrological research--research too exacting to be described to the general reader--it has been determined that Mr. Green is, in fact, the Millennial Antichrist. There is ample corroborating speculation. Consider:

1). It is always the one you least expect. In official pictures, Mr. Green affects an innocuous, Elmer Fudd-like demeanor. But can a mere photograph reveal the inner man? I think not.

2). Mr. Green has uncommonly prescient knowledge of Good and Evil. He capitalizes these words whenever he has an opportunity to do so. Would not such a penchant for Upper Case Lettering be a cause for well-reasoned suspicion if practiced by your or my neighbors? Of course it would.

3). The words "Chuck," "Satan," "Devil," "Green" and "Jell-O" are all written with five letters. This is undeniably true, but is it a mere coincidence? Hardly.

4). The Antichrist will announce his world dominion on or around January 1, 2001 (or January 1, 2000, in odometer miles). Given current trends and a 3.2 percent rate of inflation over the next two to three years, might one not expect eventually to find such a pronouncement in Mr. Green's column?

You be the judge.
Ponder the weight of the evidence. Ponder it, I say, and be fearful. Be very, very fearful.

P.S.: Thanks for printing Marty Jones's December 18 article, "Closing Time," on the Goosetown Tavern. I'm a native of Golden and have spent my life watching Coors do stupid things to this community. It's something of a consolation to think that more people will notice this behavior.

Bill Simpson

A Matter of Coors
After reading Marty Jones's December 18 article, "Closing Time," I recall vivid memories of the smell, the atmosphere, the entire hustle-bustle of the Goosetown Tavern when my grandfather owned it. As a little girl, I would go behind the bar and help myself to a Nesbitt's Orange or Grape-ette and wonder what in the world all these people had to talk about. Tables of regulars played pinochle and ate grandpa's homemade chili, always laughing and having a good time visiting with friends and neighbors. There always seemed to be something going on in that neighborhood--at least, the neighborhood that existed before Coors started destroying it. Goldenites can read between the lines of comments made by Coors mouthpiece Jon Goldman and know that everything said are lies. I'd be curious to know what proof Mr. Goldman has that those wishing to preserve the tavern never sat and ate there.

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