The Kiling Field
Steve Jackson's January 15 "Murderer's Row" was a well-written article about this monster, Tom Luther. As the parent of a child who was victimized by a violent sexual predator (now residing in a Colorado prison), I found it obvious that Jackson has obtained an understanding of many issues surrounding these crimes. Thanks for a job well-done.

Sherry Johnson
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Butt Seriously, Folks
Just wanted to let you know that all of Kenny Be's politically correct rodeo information in the January 8 issue had me rolling on the floor laughing my--well, to be politically correct--buttocks off! Good job!

Kelli D. Wright
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Do Not Pass Go
I found the January 1 Year in Review entertaining, but the part titled "What a Way to Go," about supposedly "funny" ways to die, was in very poor taste. Normally, this would not preclude it from appearing in Westword, but I notice that elsewhere in the Year in Review, the infamous KALC DJs are chastised for dealing with death in the same manner.

Isn't hypocrisy wonderful?
Bill Botinelly

In the January 15 letters concerning your Year in Review, the "Hate State" letter and all the wild rhetoric accompanying it reminded me of the hate language preceding the riots in the Sixties. The "we're gonna getcha" mentality that lived then resulted in armed American troops in the streets, machines guns, grenades and flaming cities.

That loose talk is more death, decay and destruction--for both sides. It's time to come together. Rodney King was right: "Why can't we all just get along?"

Roger Fulton
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After reading the January 8 letter from Chris Toney, I shared the same feeling. Soccer is the fastest-growing sport in America. We have an awesome team in the Colorado Rapids. It would be nice to see some support for them. MLS (Major League Soccer) is just two years old now; how about giving the team and the fans the support that is deserved?

Chad Bruhn
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The Grandstanding Canyon
Eric Dexheimer's "Karma Crash," in the December 18 issue, showed bureaucratism at its best. I, of course, agree with Binx Selby. Thank you very much for alerting us to a fanciful bit of absurdity. It sounds like the "Red Brigade" has made its home in Four Mile Canyon! Environmentalists? Yeah, we know all about their ilk: the creeping socialism that seems to have vanquished the American Republic.

This story is very, very sad. RAID is a fitting title for these Gestapo-esque "environmentalists." I don't think anyone there is seriously concerned with the environment, let alone our so-called inalienable rights.

This isn't America! This is the height of absurd. Nevertheless, I do thank Westword for letting us know about this.

Rolland Alba
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Be a Sport!
Although I agree with Bill Gallo's critique of the movie Titanic (which I also thought really sucked), I totally disagree with giving the Green Bay Packers a two-touchdown advantage over the Denver Broncos (Sports, January 15).

Gallo says the Packers took just one Sunday-afternoon nap against the lowly Indianapolis Colts (of whom I am a diehard fan since their days in Baltimore), then suggested that the Broncos have killer doubts about their past. Mr. Gallo...these are not the same Broncos you are speaking of. I truly believe this Bronco team can beat any squad--AFC or NFC--on any given Sunday.

I saw that game with Indy, and the Packers tried hard to win...but my Colts whipped their asses. Much like the Redskins (who lost) against the Raiders in the 1983 Super Bowl, the Packers are entering this upcoming game with confidence and talent. Much like the Raiders in that same game, the Broncos are playing with heart and unsung determination. The team that plays with the most heart usually wins.

The N.Y. Jets won with heart in the 1968 Super Bowl against my beloved Colts.

Final score: Broncos 35. Packers 28. Say you read it here first, Bill.
Steven Saulsbury

Referring to a letter in the January 15 issue about funding a new stadium with taxes:

Sabrina and Ryan have called me and others cheapskates. If they like football, they have a right to their choice of pleasure and entertainment. But to some of us who pay taxes, watching a football game with a crowd of screaming fans would be worse than ten miles of rough road to nowhere. Others would enjoy all the attributes associated with the true spirit of sports but not be so enthusiastic about paying for it with taxes. A single sporting event now involves millions in cost, including TV coverage. A true cheapskate is one who has no compunction about having others pay for his or her entertainment. Asking for any obligatory public financial support is pure bigotry.

Glen Wilson

I have to laugh. Those Broncos fans really are a bunch of idiots. I remember living in that smog-infested "Mile High City" from 1985 to 1993, and I'm glad I left. Year after year they'd say the same thing--about how this year is going to be the year, and the local media would do the ridiculous comparison between the current year and the '77 boring and insignificant. So again I'll be watching and laughing and thinking about all those morons who'll be crying in their beers at Jackson's Hole around 7 p.m. Sunday evening.

Joe Sullivan
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