Babes in Royland
Regarding Patricia Calhoun's "Strange Bedfellows," in the February 19 issue:
Roy Romer proved himself a serial liar and a man without honor. Making a total ass of himself and exposing his wife to the cruelest kind of public humiliation, he cast off the last rags of any moral authority he still owned and stands before us now as naked as a jaybird.

We are not dealing with a lame duck here. What we have is a paraplegic duck, a multiple amputee. This duck has only a middle leg, and it may not work. This is a moribund mallard.

In fact, this is a dead duck. This is a kaput quacker, a gone goose. It is a late duck, an ex-duck, a dear, departed pushing-up-daisies duck. It has croaked, capsized, crapped out. It has crossed the bar and sleeps with the fishes. In short, it is a fucked duck. May it rest in peace.

Nolan Nix

Patricia Calhoun: Ha. Just finished reading your February 19 column. You do make me laugh. Want to know my greatest fear? Forget death and public speaking. My greatest fear is that someday I will be successful and well-known and be scrutinized by you. Keep up the (good) work.

Caryn Barber

I write this not in judgment of the governor's virtues, but to question if his behavior is consistent with what he espouses. I realize the names used here may excite the emotions. However, if one is to see the absurdity of the governor's words, they must be placed in a different setting.

I was amazed and enlightened at our governor's linguistics gymnastics. His turns of phrase--"fidelity, let me tell you what it means to me" and "It is not a sexual relationship as people think of it"--were a clarion call for a new direction. I believe he is leading us to a new movement, a new morality, that will define society in the future. The governor should be applauded for taking the press, the public and politics to a new plateau that supersedes situational ethics. Let's look at a couple of examples of the new social structure:

Mary Kay LeTourneau should have a new sentence hearing where she is allowed to define "contact" as "pregnant." If she is not now pregnant, she could not possibly have had contact with a fourteen-year-old boy.

Nathan Dunlap should be able to define "robbery" as taking money and using it solely for his advantage. If the money is shared with others whom he respects and are in need, it is not robbery, it is redistribution of wealth.

The only thing that the governor did not give us was a name for this new movement. How about extremist libertarianism? The governor gets a perfect 10 from me on the balance beam and a heartfelt thank you for his new direction.

Duane Senn

Several years ago, my wife and I ate dinner almost every Tuesday night at the Harvest in the Tech Center. Besides the nice food and pleasant environment, we really enjoyed picking up a fresh issue of Westword at the restaurant and reading it as we dined.

Just after the 1990 article you ran on Romer and Thornberry, the restaurant stopped allowing Westword to be distributed on the premises. When we asked about it, we were told the guv was a regular at the Harvest in Glendale. He was so upset over the "scurrilous," if not libelous, article that the restaurant honored his request to remove the newspaper. I am certain they did this out of affection and respect for the man. It had to be a tough decision; the Harvest is pretty hip and has had several kind tips o' the Westword hat over the years. But the guv's wishes prevailed.

We nearly stopped eating at the Harvest on Tuesday nights. Not out of protest--just convenience. We liked reading Westword with dinner, and it meant stopping somewhere out of the way to pick it up. The lack of our business on Tuesday nights probably didn't even amount to a rounding error on the Harvest's books. But we missed it, and over the years it would have meant a few dollars for the waitstaff, if not the restaurant. A couple of years ago, we noticed the Westword stand had reappeared at the Harvest in the Tech Center--still a Saturday morning stop for us. However, our Tuesday night habits had changed.

At the end of January, the Harvest Tech Center closed. Romer admitted his relationship did exist.

And we wonder if the kindness shown the governor by the Harvest's owner/manager several years ago has been repaid.

Jim and Jan Haggard

Greetings from the vast right-wing conspiracy! As an individual who has often disagreed with Westword, I can still share your feelings of vindication after having our boy Roy admit to being affectionate but not sexual with B.J.

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