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Regarding Ward Harkavy's "Life of the Party," in the April 9 issue:
Okay, I get the impression that Ward Harkavy won't be voting for Bill Owens for governor. From the cover of your paper, showing him with fingers crossed (implying that he's a liar), to the negative spin on his religious beliefs, Harkavy leaves no doubt where he stands. The question I have to ask is, so what? What is so bad about being a Catholic or evangelical Protestant that makes a man unfit for high office? And why the use of the now pejorative "religious right" to paint him as somehow mischievious and stealth? Are religious persons of a right-of-center political orientation members of some evil cabal that I've missed?

Bill Owens is a decent and honest man, not some Ayatollah waiting to force us to go to his church or burn objectionable literature. If you have a legitimate bone to pick with him (say, for instance, he's screwing around on his wife, then lying to us about it) air it out!

Give the religious right thing a rest already.
John Casey
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It is obvious that for his article about Bill Owens, writer Ward Harkavy, instead of looking for a sound story about a guy who wants to govern with some old-fashioned common sense, decided to go the smoke-and-mirrors route citing one speech given years ago! Get off the guy's back and try reporting about the good things he has done, like giving our family the ability to send our children to a charter school because the education system of the Democrats has failed Colorado parents.

Kenny Baca

I found your article on Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Owens to be refreshing when it was not muddled in the abortion debate. I am a lifelong Democrat and plan to remain with the Democratic Party until my death, but I must confess I have to give credit to the Republicans the last few years, and particularly Bill Owens, for focusing on the issues that are affecting Coloradans.

I was able to meet Treasurer Owens a year ago when he was fighting Amendment 1, which dealt with the proposed gas tax for education. I ended up changing my view on that tax from "yes" to "no" because of a comment Owens made, that "government will never become more efficient if we don't require it to live within its means."

Bill and I do not agree on some issues, like abortion, but I can say that I respect his candor and his willingness to stand up for what is right. I'm glad there are still people like Bill Owens even if he's not in my party.

Dean Horan

Governor aspirant Bull (sic) Owens takes his orders from a spectral world, a spirit space created by humans where its denizens provoke mankind into religious wars accompanied by mass atrocities--all in the name of "my sovereign spook is greater than your sovereign spook." Do we really need a spook in the Governor's Mansion?

Richard Grimes

Why do people who don't follow the Democrat dogma get labeled as "right-wing" extremists?

Upon a second read of "Life of the Party," I could find only one instance of Bill Owens speaking to the Christian activists. How many times does Romer jet off to Washington, D.C., and speak to extreme left-wing organizations, such as the AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, PETA, NEA and the trial lawyers who donate plenty of money and time to Bill Clinton and Roy Romer?

Why is it people who want to bring back common sense to the office of governor are attacked? I know Bill Owens and he is not a wolf in sheep's clothing. Bill is someone who listens to all sides of an issue and uses a mix of life experience, history and rationale rather than looking at an opinion poll and running out and declaring his position du jour. Roy Romer touts himself as our education, roads and family governor. Yet after twelve years our kids can't read at grade level, our roads have potholes, and Romeo has really done a bangup job on the Colorado family.

Larry Peterson

I enjoyed Ward Harkavy's article about Bill Owens. I have heard Owens on Jay Marvin and this guy Owens is good. He presents the issues in a way that makes sense. I think his ability to reach out to various ethnic groups like the Jewish community should be commended, and maybe the rest of the conservatives should follow his lead. I still have not made up my mind on the governor's race; hell, I don't know what I am doing next week, but I know I am not supporting Romer's clone Gail Schoettler, who is just another brain stem riding a mule across Colorado. Keep up the good work and keep us informed.

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