Letters to the Editor

The Rest of the Best

Landmark decisions: Bravo! The Best of Denver 2000 was informative, irreverent and funny! I take exception to a couple of your choices, however.

Best Public Golf Course: Arrowhead is a beautiful course, but it's a private course, open to the public. If you're looking for a public -- aka municipal -- course, check out Saddle Rock, in far southeast Aurora. It's a long way to go, but well worth it.

Best Movie Theater -- Traditional: Okay, I admit that the Mayan is really nice to look at, and it does win in this category, but only because of lack of any competition. Have you ever sat through a film in the main theater? The sound is the worst, and the seats are in sore need of repair or, better yet, replacement. If the movie I want to see is on the main screen, I'll wait a few weeks until it has moved to the viewing rooms upstairs or else wait for it to come out on video. Too bad somebody didn't buy the old Colorado 6 in Glendale and turn it into an art theater; at least it was comfortable to watch a film there, unlike in the current selection of art-film houses in Denver. Come on, Landmark, spend some money.
Tony Sharp
via the Internet

No doubting Thomas: Steve Thomas, author of the Best Book About the JonBenét Ramsey Murder, rocks. Alex Hunter and his minions couldn't bear the scrutiny of a trial on their malfeasance in office, and they continue to block any scrutiny of their actions by a special prosecutor, should Governor Owens ever gather up the gumption to take them down. The reason Thomas hasn't been challenged is because the DA's office knows full well that what he said is true. With the vindictiveness shown by Hunter regarding Fleet White and others in the investigation, he knows what would come down.

Thomas's book was a fascinating indictment of the Boulder District Attorney's Office and should ring some bells in the political establishment. However, what should ring is the alarm clock: They're all in bed together in their guilt over this case.

Governor Owens, give justice a chance and recuse the Boulder DA from the Ramsey case. Open up the case files from the grand jury to a special prosecutor, and slam these people in the door they've made for themselves!
Connie Alsip
San Pedro, CA

Creaming the competition: We are owners of an ice cream parlor and were eagerly anticipating the Best Ice Cream category, since you had it last year. What happened?
Glen Wielandt

Nothing but blues guy: I believe that Kai Turner's blues radio show is on The Fox, not The Hawk!

The falafel truth: Here's an idea! Instead of nursing a tattered and torn BOD in the back of my SUV for a year, how about a PDA version? With selectable downloadable Best Ofs, say, if I wanted to find the best place for falafel. Bam! There it is on my Palm Pilot, brought to you by the Mile High Coors/Pepsi CenterField. God! I am such a yuppie. I'll leave now.
Lance McGinn

Black-out: I'm a regular reader of your paper, and I always enjoy your articles, but I must be blunt. Who did the interviewing or whatever for this Best of Denver 2000? Were there any Afro-Americans involved or what? You left out R&B nightclubs, funk and hip-hop, soul food (speaking of which, did you even go to any black-owned BBQ places?), Pierre's Famous Catfish, and the up-and-coming black designers. Denver has at least three of the country's top gospel groups (like Focus), a famous (best) black rodeo that comes to town every year, the best Juneteenth celebration, etc. I think next year you need to send somebody else into the field who will not be biased!
R.D. Tarv

You dogs! I am writing to express my extreme disappointment in your paper. I own and operate a doggy daycare and dog-training center in central Denver. I collected over fifty ballots for my business, the Dog House, to be voted best doggy daycare and training center in Denver. We both know this did not happen. Yet you can have a category for best toilet paper! What a load of crap! I am a small-business owner and could use the help that being voted best in this category would have brought me. I feel that you have cheated me out of something that I deserved, and if I sound upset, you are right.
Betsy Kelso

We'll drink to that: I wanted to thank John La Briola, Laura Bond and the rest of the Westword staff for including Buzz Bomber and the M-80s as a Best of Denver recipient for Best Charity Gig by a Bunch of Drunks. I would especially like to show my appreciation for Bryon Woodard at the Cricket on the Hill for being the real hero. For the last several years, he has busted his balls, organizing the Cricket's Children's Hospital/Toys for Tots Benefit, often raising thousands of dollars for the kids. From all three of us and every damn band that's ever played at the Cricket on the Hill, thank you, Bryon, Thom and the rest of the hardworking staff at the Cricket. You all rule the planet!
Mike Mayhem

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