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I have a question for Westword: Would you have published a photograph of a woman with her genitals explicitly shown? What's fair is fair. If you are going to embarrass men with a photograph displaying a man's genitals, I think you should embarrass women by publishing a photograph displaying women's genitals. Treat the genders equally.

Name withheld on requestEditor's note: Had the show at Ron Judish Fine Arts included a photograph of a naked woman, we might well have published that photo; we've published both photographs and paintings of female nudes to illustrate art reviews in the past. In this case, though, we only had naked men to work with -- and if the models aren't embarrassed, why should you be?

Near Beer

Northern lights: As a longtime patron of the Wynkoop, where I have seen Patricia Calhoun tip a few also, I am a purist on brewpubs. Just as a restaurant that serves excellent breads and pastries that have been made at another site owned by the proprietors cannot be called a bakery/restaurant, neither can Great Northern at DTC be a brewpub. Can Old Chicago be considered a brewpub if it serves beers made by Rockies Brewing, Walnut, Rock Bottom or the ChopHouse, which are all businesses owned by Old Chicago's parent company? No. A few years ago, El Rancho tried to pass itself off as a brewpub when its beers were actually made off site, to their specs, by One Keg Brewery. That was a sham, too. One of the really marvelous things about a real brewpub is that the beers are unique to that location and are different from beers served at other locations of the same chain. So Kyle was wrong in the Best of Denver, and she was wrong in the July 13 Bite. Great Northern is a beautiful facility. The beers are good and clean. But it is a bar. Period. It serves excellent beers. But it is not a brewpub. Please reserve the title of Best Brewpub for a facility that has earned the title by brewing its wonderful beers where they are served.
Brian Kelly
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Dazed and confused: Sometimes I wonder if Kyle Wagner is following me around town. Her reviews are so uncannily similar to my own experiences that I can often guess which place she'll cover -- and what she'll say about it -- before I open Westword. But Kyle must have missed me on the half-dozen visits I made to Denver's Heavenly Daze Brewery last year. I not only found the "cavernous space" to be comfortable, relaxed and a great place to watch a game, but the food is what kept me going back. I'm glad to welcome back the Daze (The Bite, July 13). The shortcoming of this friendly joint, in my opinion, has never been the food; the real problem is anonymity. Just because the place is big and sits on I-25 doesn't mean people will come. If you're reading, guys, make some noise, advertise in Westword, do something -- anything. Oh, and get Kyle to come back.
Jill Slager

Fusion Confusion

Das ist lo mein: Regarding Bill Gallo's July 13 review of the Sunset Lounge:

What sort of idea is a German-Chinese restaurant? An hour later, you're hungry for power!
Earl Noe
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