Letters to the Editor

The Morality of the Story

Past imperfect: I picked up the September 13 Westword to get some relief from the awful news on television and found myself engrossed by Jonathan Shikes's "Forward Into the Past." What an important moral that story on Camp Amache holds for all of us! It turns out that Colorado is not so removed from world events after all; one of the ten internment camps was located right here.

As we begin to hunt down those responsible for the bombings, we cannot let ourselves get swept away in the sort of patriotic fervor that also sweeps up innocent citizens. We should remember what happened to the Japanese-Americans at Camp Amache and the other camps before we take action against American citizens who happen to be of another color.

Suzanne Hampshire
via the Internet

Rush to judgment: Your article on Camp Amache appeared just after the horrific events of September 11. Our despicable treatment of those of Japanese descent in World War II is, properly, being more openly discussed. "Forward Into the Past" is one example; Snow Falling on Cedars is another.

For me, among the most tragic events following the stories from New York and Washington, D.C., was the trailer on TV announcing the temporary closure of the Colorado Islamic Center and news reports of harassment and attacks on Muslims and those of Middle Eastern origin in this country. This is a time to learn from our history and not to condemn people simply because of religious faith or ethnic origin. Fanatics come from all backgrounds, as Tim McVeigh proved. I am deeply saddened that members of Denver's Muslim community took the steps they did, but I cannot blame them for doing so. I had hoped that Mayor Webb and Governor Owens would take the time Tuesday to go on camera at the Colorado Islamic Center to make the point that Colorado's Muslim community is no more responsible for that day's despicable events and is as patriotic as any other group in our community.

Governor Big Ed Johnson stood up for the Japanese in 1942. We all should stand up for our Muslim community in 2001.

David M. Abbott Jr.

Taking Out the Trash

Vocabulary lesson: Even if some of Bill Gallo's facts were accurate in his September 6 "Tour de Lance," the man shows several nasty sides of his nature: arrogance, vindictiveness and hatred with a capital H, all the traits that Gallo freely and falsely attributes to the French...and then some! His diatribe is enough to make you gag. He manages to lower himself to become despicable and pathetic.

Shame on Westword for printing this repugnant piece of trash. This is not the time to add new conflicts to the world's ills.

Evidently the word "magnanimous" is not in Bill Gallo's vocabulary.

S. Mittenaere

And So It Grows

The lone ranger: I just finished reading Stuart Steers's "Branching Out" in the September 6 issue and found myself very excited about the article. This "experimental" plan is a fresh, and long overdue, approach to the way developers use our land, and in my opinion it will be well received once completed, whenever that is. We both know that people are growing extremely frustrated with the traffic that we are forced to sit through every day. It creates delays, builds anger in otherwise gentle people, and fills our beautiful Colorado air with an ugly brown color nobody enjoys looking through or breathing.

I grew up in Sacramento, California, then headed east for college at the University of Colorado at Boulder and fell in love with Colorado. After graduation, I moved to San Francisco to work, but found myself stuck in traffic all the time. The problem with that city is that there are essentially only three ways to enter/exit: The Golden Gate Bridge, 101/280 (or, the worst highway in the world), the Bay Bridge and 101 South. Hopefully, Denver will be able to avoid the problems SF is faced with through its expansion -- although I see the same thing happening to I-70. It's not that easy to pave a new highway through the Rocky Mountains. We don't want Denver to become another Los Angeles, either. My advice: Look at what California has done, and do the opposite.

I moved back to Colorado last week. This Lone Tree development could be the answer we are all looking for! Thank you for writing this article, as it will help expose others to alternative-growth solutions.

Todd Snyder
via the Internet

Fixing for a Jones: Just wanted to drop a quick note and let Michael S. Jones know how much many of us appreciate his recent growth letters published in the August 16 and August 30 issues. Any chance you can offer this guy a regular column? While you're at it, see what you can do about getting it syndicated nationally. Thanks!

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