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I'm not totally approving of all ARA tactics that day, but I think that we did the best we could to avoid a violent confrontation while still getting our message across. Maybe next time they'll think twice about having the hate-filled concert in Denver. And that'd be great with me. Not all of us are radical leftists. (I lean right on many issues.) But the issue of "white supremacy" and my extreme disapproval and disgust at their so-called cause led me to feel that I had to send a message to them in any way possible.

Also, I gotta say that it took a lot of guts to pose as a skinhead for that story. The MHS are brutal, and I can't even imagine how stressful it must have been for Holthouse. That showed a good knack for journalism and for getting the story at whatever cost. I just wish he had shown more of it from our perspective as well.

Name withheld on request

Practice what you teach: I would like to clear up a few of Christa Roach's misconceptions in her August 8 letter. In ten years as a teacher of immigrant children both in Denver and in California, I have not met even one immigrant from any country who came here to exploit the welfare system. I have found that, contrary to Roach's assertions, the immigrants and their children are extremely hardworking, often willing to do jobs that Americans refuse. They contribute a great deal to our communities and society, and, yes, they do pay taxes. I defy you to show me even one immigrant who is here just to exploit the welfare system.

I have also found that, contrary to popular opinion, most immigrants learn English pretty quickly. In fact, most immigrants I have known can write a grammatically correct letter in English, something Ms. Roach evidently cannot do.

While she rails against the "bottom-feeders," I would submit that only the most ignorant, undereducated, lazy and just plain stupid among any racial group ever feel the need to proclaim their superiority over another group. (David Holthouse, by the way, neglected to point this out adequately in his overly sympathetic story.)

Ms. Roach, stop looking for someone to blame for your personal shortcomings, go back and earn your GED, learn to write a complete sentence in at least one language, and quit your pathetic whining!

Bradley R. Cook

State of the union address: David Holthouse's article mentioned that the audience consisted of a smattering of people who had on International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers apparel. I am a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and this union does not support nor condone the views, beliefs and opinions of the groups that Holthouse wrote about in "Skin Deep." The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a culturally diverse union. It is a union based on inclusiveness rather than exclusivity. It is offensive for our union to even be mentioned in the same article as a white-power group.

Duane Tidwell

State of the union rebuttal: I would like to reply to the letter by Ross Aaron in the August 8 Westword: I don't know what union you are a member of, brother, but my experience with the IBEW has been that most of you guys are a bunch of hate-spewing racists. What the hell makes you and all your union brethren and sisters think you are the only people with a right to work? In America, we have this thing called the Constitution. It guarantees the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. That means my right to work and support my family is more sacred than your pack-mentality, socialist, propaganda-puking union rhetoric.

The economy is in the tank. Companies all around the city are being forced to get lean and mean in order to remain competitive. Companies that can't compete will be forced out of business. That would probably mean union shops go first, because you guys pay the same inflated wage to all journeymen regardless of whether they pull their own weight. Instead of whining about your paltry wage, why don't you jump into the real world with the rest of us and stand or fall based on your own abilities, not the negotiating skills of union bureaucrats?

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