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Let me clue you in, Mr. Osborn. The year is 2004. Many women love sports, play sports and, in fact, make their living playing, writing about and coaching sports. Not all women attended the Creative Memories seminar. You say that if someone was not aware that so many games were on at once, then they are, "no offense, a woman." Well, I take offense. You don't care whether you enrage, alienate and belittle half of the world population, including your co-workers. You say women are genetically incapable of enjoying football, and you state this simply because a woman suggested she found a man attractive in his uniform? Why can't she enjoy the game and enjoy the sight of physically fit men in tight clothing? You see, Mr. Osborn, women can do many things that men can't -- and one of them is multi-task.

I take offense to so many portions of your article that it's difficult to narrow them down. I find it even more incredible that Westword, a generally liberal-minded paper, would employ such an obvious male chauvinist pig, who does damage to his community by perpetuating myths of gender inequity. I suppose you subscribe to the theory that men can't help but rape women because they are genetically programmed to do so, believing it is up to women to keep themselves safe, as men have no control over their urge to spread their seed. I sincerely hope you do not breed and pass on these archaic ideas to your children.

Further, in today's pluralistic society, it is possible for someone -- man or woman -- to have a wide variety of interests. It is ludicrous to speculate that because of one interest, it is impossible to fully appreciate another. You will most likely brush this letter off as the ranting of one of those damned feminists. We have gained ground in so many areas, but men like you keep this society unequal and threatening for women. I pity any woman who becomes involved with you. Evolve.

Sonya Decman

A Bill Past Due

Rogue agent: Dave Herrera's "Bill to Last," in the February 19 issue, has to be the most one-sided, biased piece of shit I have ever read! Do you really edit what your so-called writers write?

To make it worse, you have the audacity to actually print the words "He's expanded his range, augmenting his larynx-shredding scream theater with Geoff Tate-style falsetto trills and modulations." Comparing Terrell to Tate of Queensrche? What the fuck? Never, never, never could Bill ever be in Geoff Tate's class! Put the fucking crack pipe down.

Has Dave Herrera ever actually heard Rogue? If so, he needs to get his ears checked, because there is no possible way of getting screaming confused with a four-octave singer who was originally trained in opera, for Christ's sake.

I'm glad that you finally put a local band on the cover, but why Rogue? It is not at all representative of the hard-rock music scene in Denver. Why not Love.45, Drug Under or some up-and-coming band? Why those fucking self-centered, drug-addicted drunk slobs? Did Bill hook Dave up with some of his infamous "Rogue titty bitches"?

Let's set the record straight: Bill does not do everything for the music scene in Denver. I'm sure I'm not the only musician who is pissed off that he claimed he did. Rogue just happens to be the oldest band around that is still together. You'd have to be dead or have to have just moved here to have never heard of them.

Luke Simms
via the Internet

The same old Storey: I just read Dave Herrera's February 19 Beatdown, in which he once again mentions Nina Storey. And again, I am wondering why he chooses to try to compliment someone with daggers. (By the way, not many people can get through a whole article, so saving something until the end is fruitless.) The first article Herrera wrote was not about Nina at all, but a laughable attempt of his to be...clever? creative? While he admitted that Nina was actually a pretty cool, genuine person, he proved himself to be an arrogant journalist who needed to do a bit more research.

I was under the impression that his column was about music -- which is a product of the musician, not the musician herself. While he concluded that Ms. Storey is, in fact, the "real deal," he doesn't give nearly enough credit to her talent. In an industry that is filled with self-indulgence and fabrication, Nina remains raw and genuine. She is captivating; she gives to the audience in ways that are physically undeniable. You have no choice but to surrender to her passion and her soul. If she is someone Herrera believes in, why not just encourage people to listen to the music? It speaks for itself.

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