Letters to the Editor

What a Circus!

An elephant never forgets: The August 5 Worst-Case Scenario, "The Greatest Shun on Earth," was really not funny and showed that Kenny Be missed the point. It also came at a time that was detrimental to Initiative 100 just prior to the primary election. I thought a paper like Westword would be more forward-thinking and sympathetic to the sad issue of abuse of exotic animals for the unsavory circus trade.

How do you get an elephant to do those stupid tricks? You beat the shit out of it.

Unfortunately, I could not vote on this, since I live outside of Denver, but I wish I could have.

Jeanine B. Keller

The Bus Stopped Here

Leave the writing to us: Thanks for Robin Chotzinoff's "End of the Line," in the August 12 issue. Reading her story may be the only vacation I get this summer; her writing made it a very fun trip.

Lily Hoover

Ticket to ride: Wow. I can't believe that I just got back from vacation a couple of weeks ago, and now see a story about the bus I was on. I took the Denver to Salt Lake City route leaving here at 8:25 a.m. On the bus, you spend so little time passing through these towns that you would never know their stories. Actually, I didn't know we were headed over Berthoud; I'd assumed we would go west on I-70. I knew something was up when the tunnel we went through was much too short to be Eisenhower (or we were going way too fast, and no, I wasn't drunk). What you do find out about are the passengers. Some had never been on a bus or so far West. The folks on the bus appeared to be either kids with more time than money or adults traveling on the cheap.

I went through SLC to Boise (one heck of a nice town and great people), Portland and then Seattle, staying overnight in each city. (I read the equivalent of Westword in each.) I enjoyed watching the rolling farmland and seeing what's between here and the coast. The Great Salt Lake looks like a lake. I saw the volcanic rock and the big river gorge, and we followed the Columbia River into Portland. It seems like all truck stops are owned by the same company now. They are possibly the only remaining places to buy classic rock on new cassettes; I got a hilarious live concert by Kansas. I saw some interesting depots. One had white flowers painted along the bottom of its roof. One place had a playground with old Western storefronts; it was across the highway from a banner that read "We support our troops."

After the buses, airport shuttles, rented car, ferry rides and visiting three different recently married friends, I got on a plane and in two-plus hours flew over what I spent four days riding. I'm glad I rode where I did while I still could.

Mark Tyler

Hall of Shame

Bowled over: Shame on Adam Cayton-Holland for his August 5 What's So Funny? A true Broncos fan would know that John Elway executed his infamous "helicopter" move in the first Super Bowl win against the Packers, not the second Super Bowl win against the Falcons.

David Boot

Elway or the highway: I suppose this won't get printed, but I am very disappointed in John Elway. All that hoopla about him. Sure, I'm glad we finally have a Hall of Famer, but with all his thank yous and praise for those who helped him, he never once mentioned Janet! Even though they are divorced, she was the one raising those wonderful kids he's so proud of, and I'm sure that wasn't an easy task. Would it have killed him to mention that? Also, as a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, he could have thanked God for his talent and success. How else could he have gotten so far?

Shame on you, John, for your lack of gratitude. Guess success just went to your head after all!

Whoever challenges my letter, shame on you, too!

Suzanne Hudson

Fax Guarding the Henhouse

Fire when ready: Regarding Alan Prendergast's "Outfaxed," in the August 5 issue:

I understand Mike Zinna's position very well. I have read and experienced this type of "bush-league" politics in my previous home state of Texas, and I have always felt that where there is smoke, there is fire. I believe Mike should have approached the videotape evidence differently, however. I would have continued to investigate the fax incidents and compiled all documentation for presentation to the county attorney.

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