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Ms. Wittman, you have taken for granted the fact that you get paid to write for a newspaper that most people can't even afford to advertise in. Sharpen your journalistic skills a little by sparing us the recap of what happens in the plays you review, and inject a little pro-and-con discussion instead. You have passed judgment, and you have completely missed the point of why challenging theater is valid theater. I suppose that's why you write for Westword and not the New York Times, and why it's important for people to rely less on what critics have to say and to think more for themselves.

Thomas J. O'Connor
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Lights, Camera, Action!

Dumb and dumber: Robert Wilonsky's review of Sahara ("Fortunate Son," April 7) shows how ignorant he is. Wilonsky apparently isn't bright enough to notice that it was biological, not nuclear, contamination in those barrels. And had he bothered to read any of Clive Cussler's books, he would have known that his stories are action-adventure and don't pretend to be some literary masterpiece. Hell, in half of his books he introduces himself -- Clive Cussler -- as a character. Just as a wink to let us know that this is just some fun.

Wilonsky needs to get off his high horse and perhaps get a check-up from the neck up. Jerk.

Charles Dykeman

Pitch, pitch, pitch: Regarding Jean Oppenheimer's "For Love of the Game," in the April 7 issue online:

Although Fever Pitch is based on Nick Hornby's semi-autobiographical novel about a British man torn between soccer and romance (a 1996 British film, starring Colin Firth, similarly revolved around the protagonist's beloved Manchester United club), anybody who has ever lived in Boston will know that the depiction of obsessed fans is no exaggeration.

Oppenheimer is a bloody oaf. It's Arsenal, not Manchester United!

Dave Morrell
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