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I have never been to one of these games, but I am thinking about attending the next game at Ruby Hill. Once again, a great piece -- and hopefully, as the season ends, we may see a follow-up article!

Jose Salgado

Mining for Nuggets

Hidden treasures: I just wanted to tell you that Luke Turf's "Taking the Shot," in the April 27 issue, was a great story! It's about time someone gives credit to other players on the team. As a Nuggets fan, I feel that some of the players are underrated. A majority of the people/fans don't realize the important roles that these other guys play. Going to the game, you see mostly Melo and Camby jerseys, but what about Andre Miller? Or DerMarr Johnson, for that matter? Don't get me wrong: Melo and Camby are great players, and I like them. But I would also like to see everyone give these other players the same credit that they do the "superstars."

I love how you chose to do a story on someone other than Melo. DerMarr does seem chilled! I've always pictured him that way, too. Keep up the fantastic work!

Waret Yakham

That Giant Sucking Sound

Radio daze: Thanks to Michael Roberts for the illuminating May 4 Message on local radio. At least, I think that thanks are in order. Did he just say that Denver radio sucks?

I turn fifty this year, so I guess that puts me in a desirable demographic. I just don't feel that "local" radio stations are particularly pandering to me for my money. Maybe I'm something of a special case, being a musician and therefore listening to "local" programming with a more critical ear. I don't listen to KYGO or Willie. I play country music, and I don't like being force-fed the crap that comes out of Nashville. It's just not country. I don't listen to KBCO anymore, and KBCO was one of the reasons that I chose to relocate to Denver. As soon as I moved here, they were bought up and bought again. I no longer recognize this station as viable or relevant in any way. But that's a different rant. Simply put, Denver radio sucks.

The collusion between the FCC and the cult of corporate personality have led radio to this precipice overlooking a cultural and financial abyss. The government agency that oversees broadcasting is more concerned with the so-called obscenities on the air than with the obscenities in the boardroom. I can't believe that the bottom-line bean counters at Clear Channel can't figure out that eight stations in one market putting out the same drivel eight different ways adds up to a dissolution of resources.

Instead of blaming Generation X for not having any money, why can't the corporate radio conglomerates blame themselves for fucking up radio as we knew it?

James Ayling

Something's Fishy

K-Mart special: In Kenny Be's May 4 Worst-Case Scenario "Colorado Law-ttery" cartoon, I believe the person pictured in the "Bank Robber Bankroll" ticket is Kenyon Martin at the Nuggets cashier window on his way to go fishing for the summer.

Johnny Rhino

Not Cool to Be Cruel

Funny choice of words: I am completely shocked and disgusted that Adam Cayton-Holland would reference children with special needs in such a callous and cruel way in the April 27 What's So Funny? My oldest son is one of those "retarded toddlers" that he wrote about. If he was trying to be funny, he has failed miserably; indeed, he has totally alienated all parents of special-needs children.

Clearly, Adam has never known a child with a disability; otherwise, he would not have written what he did. I would like him to come to the hospital for my child's fourth open-heart surgery and see how brave and wise these "retarded" children are.

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