Letters to the Editor

"Guest Wishes," Luke Turf, November 9

Labor Daze

How refreshing to read a Colorado article on illegal immigration without a single reference to a certain blowhard, bullying, say-anything-but-do-nothing local congressman.

He is finally getting the attention he deserves.

Rolf Asphaug

As Helen Krieble notes in "Guest Wishes," nobody wants to live here in illegal squalor and slavery. But they're not going to get legal if coming out means going to jail or back home. What's the problem with amnesty, anyhow? It's as American as apple pie. Nixon and Clinton got it, effectively. Thousands of libraries, parking-ticket authorities and tax collectors offer amnesty each year. Why? Because amnesty saves enforcement dollars and captures otherwise uncollectible money, not because of bleeding-heart liberal leniency. Who has ever met a tax collector with a heart?

A few public schools have "amnesty boxes" in which students can dispose of contraband without fear and without forcing campus cops to make big paperwork out of nothing. At one campus concert, the University of South Florida's amnesty boxes collected "24 disposable cameras, 4 small sealed bottles of liquor, 3 folding lock-blade knives, 3 cigars containing marijuana, 2 packages of rolling papers, 2 small plastic bags of marijuana, 1 marijuana pipe, 1 fake Florida driver's license, numerous open containers of alcoholic beverages, and several objects containing marijuana residue." Even prisons have amnesty boxes.

Those who oppose amnesty are like old frat brothers who oppose the end of hazing rituals. They had to go through a lot of bullshit to join the club, so everyone else must do the same. That's not fairness; it's envy of those who live in a more rational age.

David Hakala

Finally, some sanity. It's about time that someone came up with a good idea on how to handle immigration. By taking the process out of the hands of our government and putting it where it belongs, as an economic issue, we may just finally get some relief. By providing a process that is registered and legal, we can begin to stem the flow that is so detrimental to our society.

By the way, why are we not teaching our children Spanish in school? Would it not be to everyone's benefit?

Trudi Plimpton

"Last Call," Patricia Calhoun, November 16

Dive, He Said

Anytime a venerable street is adorned with a soigne suffix -- Larimer the North? -- it's over. The street is putting on airs, swanning. Day laborers have been replaced by realtors, and burritos by truffle oil. Yes, I realize Larimer went south, so to speak, three decades ago, but shards in the mid- to upper twenties held out.


Dan Buck
Washington, D.C.

I'm sitting here reading Westword and your "Last Call" article. Now, places like the Bamboo Hut and Duffy's do give the city some desperate flavor, but let's not forget that these places were once new, and not that lovely dive we have all come to love. Sometimes change is a good thing, and with time, some of these new places will mature with the community that surrounds them and turn back into these dives we all seem so fond of.

As the current owner of the 12th Man, I encourage you to come into what was the Micky Manor, with the same clientele sitting here today (eating their greasy little Rockybilt hamburgers) that was sitting here in February when I purchased the place. As for the Micky and Minnie neon that made the place so recognizable, they have been gently placed in the basement, waiting for the property owner to do what she may with them, as per the lease agreement -- but at least they are not still in the window shocking everybody who touches them and ruining little girls' dreams of Disneyland forever.

Patricia, I encourage you to come and introduce yourself.When you do, there will be a warm stool and a cold brew with your name on it.

Josh English

Patricia Calhoun responds: Don't bogart that joint! If you know of a great dive, share it with Westword's readers at

"Brave New World," Adam Cayton-Holland, November 9

Stop the World, We Want to Get Off

In his What's So Funny? on The Real World: Denver cast, Adam Cayton-Holland focused mainly on the sexual aptitudes and less on anything involving personality characteristics. Why did these people deserve to be chosen for a show broadcast all over the nation? Is it because of their shining personalities -- or their "bombs" and hot-tub bodies? If that's how, there's not a chance in hell I'm going to watch the show.

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