Letters to the Editor

"Bronze Medal," Adam Cayton-Holland, January 25

Man With a Tan

It snot so funny -- it's hilarious.

I laughed so hard reading Adam Cayton-Holland's piece on tan-banning that now my stomach aches. Thanks a lot. Cayton-Holland is my favorite.
Rachael Marcy

Holy fuck. What a verbose, unamusing introduction paragraph by Adam Cayton-Holland. I am assuming it somehow pertained to and set up the story that followed, but my interest was long gone.

Hire some journalists, not Starbucks novelists. And kick the editor in the nuts for letting such horrible ramblings make it to print.
Jason Curless
Kansas City, Missouri

Indoor tanning has a number of health benefits, including vitamin D production and tanning, both of which can actually reduce the risk of melanoma for those who don't have freckles and red hair. However, it should be noted that UVB comprises 4-5 percent of the UV in mid-latitude, mid-day sun, and lamps used in tanning beds in the U.S. are limited to about 5 percent UVB, although some are about 1.5 percent, the limit in Europe. The 4-5 percent UVB is better.
William Grant
San Francisco, California

Drunk of the Week, Patrick Osborn, January 25

Jack and Gin

Patrick Osborn, congratulations on the impending birth of your son. Suggested name: John Patrick Osborn. You could call him Jack -- a strong-sounding name, a good man name, a leader's name.

I read your column so often, you seem like a friend.
Kari Jones

It is my belief that all expectant parents should required to view this website: Congratulations and best wishes to the Drunk of the Week.
Mark Morehead

"Class of 2007," Dave Herrera, January 25

Sophomore Slump

When I first moved to Denver, I turned to Westword every week. It was my guide to the hot clubs and new bands, not to mention a whole scene I had never experienced. Now all the Backbeat section offers is a cartoon about a turtle feeling lonely and going to pop shows, and Dave Herrera's "article" about the Fray or, when he is apparently yelled at for writing too much about the Fray, that Fray-lite, Meese.

Last week he apparently picked up a copy of PS3, a local compilation of up-and-coming bands, as four of his "five bands to watch" are featured on that album.

How is it that Herrera is such an insider with the local music scene if 1) he never goes to local shows, and 2) almost everyone in the local music scene despises him and laughs at his articles? I did spot Herrera at a Meese show once, but only for Meese, which was playing third out of four acts. Were the two opening bands not worthy of critique?

I know this is like writing a letter to the Ford Motor Company asking for higher-mileage cars. You would never replace Dave Herrera, not after just one silly little letter from one silly little kid.
Chris Martucci

"At Last," Jason Sheehan, January 18

Flat As a Pancake

The Westword food critic is nothing short of a tabloid writer, a paparazzi with pen. An article is not a review with half dedicated to psychobabble about yesteryear's pancake pinup stories, followed by a few words of adoration and then a near-verbatim recitation of the menu. While Toast admittedly has merit, it fits well into the sole venue where Jason Sheehan finds food solace: the suburban strip mall. Every restaurateur in Phoenix or Houston should be begging Jason to take a job there.

The equation for your critic seems to be that if it's enjoyed by the masses, it must be destroyed by his ego. The attacks on Snooze, including the recent Second Helping, seem simply an attempt to gain readership by slandering what many think is a good thing, with perhaps fulfillment of some vendetta against owner Jon Schlegel, my brother. An idea only has merit if it reaches reality: From the numerous critics who've praised Snooze to the hundreds of diners flowing through the door Monday through Sunday, I show Jason reality.

There is little lower than one who creates nothing, then cuts down the ideas of others.
Adam Schlegel

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