Librarian Rousted Outside McCain Town Hall Is a Former Reporter

The item on the Denver Post's Politics West blog about the ticketing of Carol Kreck outside a July 7 town hall appearance by presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain refers to her as a "60-year-old librarian," following the lead of the ProgressNow Action website, which sent out a news release featuring its own account of the bust to everyone on its massive e-mail list. (Below, find video from ProgressNow showing all.) But the Post's Joey Bunch provided an interesting detail in his version of the event, noting, as he should have, that Kreck used to be a reporter for, yes, the Denver Post.

The Post's Bob Ewegen adds more information in a comment affixed to a piece on, a site where he used to weigh in pseudonymously -- an action that got him into a wee bit of hot water, as this May 2006 Message column documented. Ewegen wrote:

Your "little old librarian" is anything but, Go Blue. She's Carol Kreck, a reporter for The Denver Post for many (more than 20) years before she left in 2003. She wrote as Carol Bell before marrying, then divorcing, Dick Kreck, another long-time Postie. So far from being a meek little librarian, she's a pretty tough customer!

Kreck didn't leave the Post quietly; as noted in a 2004 Message, she filed an EEOC complaint accusing the paper of age and gender discrimination. Sure, she's a librarian now, but she's a lot more than that, as you can see in the accompanying clip. -- Michael Roberts

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