Lingerie and silk boxers come together for the Super Bowl

If you think the Super Bowl and sexy men's underwear have nothing in common, you'd usually be correct. But this year, there's a connection -- and a local one at that. Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie in Englewood is running an ad in USA Today's glossy preview publication for Super Bowl XLVI -- which is Roman-numeral for "a lot of Super Bowls" -- offering a free pair of silk boxers to anyone who buys $100 worth of lingerie.

Though headquartered in Colorado, Pampered Passions does a lot of business online, and owner Alicia Vargo recently expanded that business to include men's unmentionables. The items for sale include five styles of Mary Green-brand Mansilk boxer shorts. Yep, you read that right. Mansilk.

Pampered Passions started carrying menswear two weeks ago, Vargo says. "It seems like men are wanting something special for themselves when they're purchasing lingerie for their significant other -- and vice versa," she says.

And by "something special," she doesn't mean a Tebow jersey. See the ad below.

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