Logan McClelland: Teen at Monument's Big O Tires with dad charged with killing employee

Updates below: Monument isn't known as the crime capital of Colorado -- but suddenly, the community's been the setting of two high-profile murders. First, there was the case of Monique Lynch, who allegedly brutalized nine-year old Genesis Sims and then buried her alive in the crawlspace of an area home. And now, Logan McClelland, eighteen, is being charged with first-degree murder in relation to a fight he and his father allegedly had with a Big O Tire store employee.

According to an El Paso County Sheriff's Office release, McClelland and his dad were at the store to get a tire repaired when an argument with an employee escalated in a lethal way. It ended with the younger McClelland allegedly firing multiple gunshots at the fifty-year old Big O staffer, who succumbed to his wounds.

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This afternoon at about 4:25 p.m., the El Paso County Sheriff's Office received multiple calls about a shooting which had just occurred at 650 Highway 105 in Monument, the Big O Tire Store. Monument Police and Palmer Lake Police responded within minutes and found a 50-year old white male who had been shot multiple times, he was unconscious and not breathing. Medical personnel were on scene within minutes and were unable to resuscitate the victim.

Preliminary investigation revealed the victim was an employee of the tire store. The suspect and his father were customers of the establishment. There had been a complaint filed against the victim prior to the altercation. Subsequently, there was a confrontation in the parking lot between the suspect's father and the victim. During the altercation, multiple gun shots were allegedly fired by the suspect. Details regarding the altercation will not be released at this time.

The victim lived in Monument and his identity will not be released at this time pending family notifications. The suspect and his father are from Como, Colorado and were at the store to have a tire repaired.

The suspect has been identified as 18 year old, Logan McClelland. He is being charged with First Degree Murder and will be held at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center with no bond.

An autopsy of the victim is scheduled for Tuesday, August 10, 2010. Additional details regarding this case will be released as they become available.

Update, August 11: The victim in this shooting has now been ID'd. Read more about it in this post: "Logan McClelland: Bradley Blehm Identified as Big O Tires Employee Allegedly Shot by Teen."

Update, August 12: An affidavit sheds additional light on the case. Get more information in this post: "Logan McClelland: Did He Have to Shoot Big O Worker Bradley Blehm During Parking Lot Spat?"

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