Lomorin Sar allegedly threatens to blow up store that doesn't have Call of Duty video game

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the latest iteration of the ultra-popular first-person shooter challenge in which a player must gun down opponents before they can splatter him with his own blood. Fortunately, most fans are able to separate fantasy from reality -- but the jury's still out on Loromin Sar, who allegedly went ballistic when his copy wasn't available on its release day.

As recounted by 9News,Sar pre-ordered CoD: MW3 at an Aurora Best Buy on Monday in advance of its official midnight release.

He returned to the store shortly after the witching hour, anticipating that he'd be leaving with the game. But no: Employees informed him that they were already out of stock.

Disappointed? That's putting it mildly. According to the Aurora Police Department, Sar responded by asking staffers when they would be leaving for the night -- because he planned on shooting them in the parking lot.

Oh yeah: He also threatened to blow up the store.

This exchange freaked out the Best Buy crew members, who called the cops the first chance they got. Police responded quickly, pulling Sar over near the intersection of 35th and Tower.

This wasn't Sar's first run-in with the boys and girls in blue. He's reportedly been contacted by the APD no fewer than six times over traffic-related matters.

In the end, Sar wound up not with a highly anticipated new game, but a summons for disorderly conduct. Which probably wasn't nearly as much fun.

Look below to see 9News' report on the incident.

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