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Lonnie White, seventeen, to be charged as adult in Reysean Abram on-bike murder (14)

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Update: We've just gotten confirmation from the Denver District Attorney's Office that Lonnie White, seventeen, will be charged as an adult in the murder of Reysean Abram, thirteen. Continue for our previous coverage.

Update, 11:53 a.m.: Last week, we told you about the arrests of Marquise Lewis and two juveniles in the murder of thirteen-year-old Reysean Abram, seen here, who was shot to death while riding his bike; see our previous coverage below.

Now, Lewis has been accused of murder as an adult, while the other pair -- identified as Lonnie White, seventeen, and Keon Belton, fifteen -- have been charged with the same offense as juveniles. However, White's status could still change.

On the evening of August 30, as we've reported, Abram had reportedly climbed onto his bike and pedaled away from a party in his neighborhood where a fight had taken place.

Before he could reach his destination, he was fatally shot in the chest, just days shy of his fourteenth birthday.

Days later, the Denver Police Department named Lewis and announced his arrest. He was subsequently slapped with a first-degree-murder beef and was scheduled to be formally advised of the charge earlier this morning.

Meanwhile, the Denver District Attorney's Office has identified the other twosome thought to have contributed to Abrams's death as White and Belton; they've both been charged with murder as juveniles. Because Belton is only fifteen, he's likely to remain in the juvie system, but because White will mark his eighteenth birthday on January 2, 2014, a DA's office release says he could have his charge upgraded by week's end.

At this writing, a spokesperson is checking to see if such a change has been made. If and when we hear back, we'll update this post. See our previous coverage below.

Original post, 6:04 a.m. September 4: The Denver Police Department doesn't send out many press releases after 1 a.m. But his morning was an exception to that rule.

The DPD has announced that three people -- Marquise Lewis, thirty, and two juveniles -- have been arrested in the August 30 murder of Reysean Abram, a Montbello thirteen year old shot while riding his bike. Meanwhile, Abram's Facebook page has become both a memorial and an online debating forum about gang affiliation. Get details and see photos and a video below.

This past Friday evening, according to the DPD, officers were called to the 4700 block of Enid Way after receiving a shooting report.

The cops soon found a thirteen year old later ID'd as Abram suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to Children's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Abram had reportedly attended a party at which a fight had taken place. He was riding his bike home when he was shot in the chest.

His fourteenth birthday would have taken place yesterday.

In the days that followed, Abram's Facebook page became a repository for his loved one's grief. Among the images posted are this one....

...and this one: The pic at the center of this T-shirt isn't the only one on the page in which Abram can be seen making hand gestures that seem to be gang signs -- and comments posted on a number of them after his death bring up the topic. Take this photo: One of the comments on the page reads:

1st yes he rolled with Eastside but he never rolled with the ones who murdered and he wasnt a murderer. He went to church but he never had his mind on killing.... It was his money, music,& school he had his mind on because of his beautiful mom. And God said "as you confess thy'll sin he should never repent you." Don't go bible on me ik & he loves ALL His children no matter what.

This post generated a number of passionate replies. Continue for more about arrests in the Reysean Abram slaying, including more photos and a video. One post begins, "If he rolled with Eastside like you are doing right now you are supporting and advocating for the ones that do the murdering which makes you just as culpable."

Shortly thereafter came another response. It reads in part:

Who are you to judge somebody. I didn't know this young man but from reading statuses from a lot of his peers it seems he was a very loving person who always put a smile on their faces. God does the judging not you!

Meanwhile, the search for Abram's killers went on -- and now, the police believe they've tracked them down.

Of the three suspects taken into custody, only Lewis is being named, owing to the respective ages of the other pair.

The cops are not releasing a mug shot of Lewis at this point, since photo lineups are still ongoing. Indeed, department reps encourage anyone with information related to the crime to phone Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867) or text a message under the title DMCS to 274637 (CRIMES).

Other messages keep collecting on Abram's Facebook page, including this one: "Rest in peace young nigga there's a heaven for a G ! We miss you Rey , watch over us man ~ Rest In Paradise."

Our sincere condolences to Abram's friends, family and loved ones.

Here's a 7News video about the case, broadcast prior to the three arrests.

More from our Mile High Murder archive: "Isabella Guzman formally charged with murder in fatal stabbing of her mother (13)."

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