Looking at and listening to staff attempts to save the Rocky Mountain News

The staffers at the Rocky Mountain News may not be in power positions when it comes to saving the paper, which was recently put up for sale by its parent company, E.W. Scripps. (Read our coverage in the feature article "The Rocky Mountain News is Going Down" and two sidebars, "Five Rocky Stars Who Could Be Going Up" and "Denver's JOA Makes for Muddy Reading.") But they're not simply sitting around, waiting for their superiors to decide their fate. Last night, a website called IWantMyRocky.com went live, kicked off by a Mike Littwin essay and a "What You Can Do to Help" section. The latter urges visitors to write their Congressional representatives and to demand that the Department of Justice strictly adhere to the provisions of the Newspaper Preservation Act, as well as to pen letters of support to the E.W. Scripps board. Also on view: a comments page featuring heartfelt notes from those who value the tabloid -- two-dozen thus far.

Meanwhile, Rocky scribes are telling their tale on the KHOW morning program hosted by Peter Boyles. At this writing, transportation expert Kevin Flynn and business pro David Milstead are speaking, and Lynn Bartels, Dusty Saunders and others are expected to appear prior to 9 a.m. Click here and follow the links to listen in. -- Michael Roberts

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